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    Long way from home - 2004 Chevrolet Express AWD

    Hello from Maryland, USA. From one 2004 Express AWD owner to another, that paint job is incredible! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2002 E250 Moto/ camp/ kid hauler build

    Followed your lead on the Transit seats for my Chevy van. The foam, plywood, carpet install is so clean! There is a seller on e-bay with tons of these seats with brackets. ( I got a 3 seater ) The seat belts and carseat clips are ideal. :ylsmoke:
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    GMC Savana AWD De-Conversion (Dodge Ram replacement)

    Damn that looks great! Brakes OK? Any vibes?
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    97 E350 Winne 4x4- Ski Bum Mobile

    Awesome find - - Love it. Finding a place to sleep after skiing is what started it all for me - - Only way to roll!
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    Chevy Express AWD Van Input, Please.

    Great choice! We have a similar build as what you're describing and have used it to sleep in ski area parking lots for hundreds of nights. As the above poster mentioned, the AWD has limitations. Although I have never had a problem, you have to be careful with the "low hanging fruit" so to...
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    Sienna Seats in Express

    Those are definitely sharp. I do not have a pic on hand but the under carriage of the Express vans have a large heat shield that prevents access to the underside of the floor. Do Ford vans have have something similar? Any advice for dealing with the shield? Thanks for the insight - - much...
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    Sienna Seats in Express

    Has anyone attempted this? I am working with a 2004 AWD Express. Currently there is no seating in the back.....debating my options. On the same topic, does anyone have advice for mounting seats back there in general? It looks like access is very tight and mostly covered by a heat shield...
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    New project: The White Buffalo (Chevy Express AWD)

    Van is looking really great. Do you have any pics or insight on bolting the seat to the floor? Thanks:sombrero:
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    Chevy AWD

    Thanks for the insight. I ended up getting several quotes to have it moved - - lame. I can do it for about $750. I'm thinking it's worth it as the trailer rental is around $300.
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    Chevy AWD

    On another note, I am debating towing a subaru from Denver to Maryland with my AWD 2004 Chevy. I would rent a uhaul trailer. I am under the posted towing limits but paranoid. Bad idea?:beer:
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    Pondering 4wd

    I hear you 100% I have an awd Express and am very limited by clearance (and an exposed 30 gallon plastic gas tank). I can honestly say that in all of my travels with the van the only time I have really needed the awd is in the snow, jongs.
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    Chevrolet Express Van - AWD to 4x4 conversion

    2004 Express AWD, Loaded down or not I see from 16-21 MPG all day long...When I first bought it I though I was doing the math wrong.
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    Auxiliary Battery Mount - - Chevy Express

    They are both regular 6 Volts. I would prefer to keep them as they are relatively new. I am pretty sure that frame mounted batteries came standard on some Ford Vans? I just want the room in the interior.....
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    Auxiliary Battery Mount - - Chevy Express

    I am looking for ideas for the mounting of two 6 volt auxiliary batteries in an Express Van. Currently I have both batteries mounted inside of a wooden box that is vented by two holes cut into the floor. My inverter is mounted on the wall above the box. I want to get the batteries out of the...
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    Chevrolet Express Van - AWD to 4x4 conversion

    Very nice! I know exactly what you mean about needing the low range. I'm pretty hesitant about where I go due to the limitations of the AWD. AWD is great, however, most of the time. I wish the Express AWD came (stock) in the 3500. It's too easy to weigh her down.... Can you tell us how...