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    Any 7.3 gasser owners?

    This is me. I can feel my blood pressure jump up by 10 points as soon as the tranny shifts down and revs jump up to 4-5000 rpm!
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    Mid-size vs Full-size truck setup

    True only if the vehicle has a "4A" position for the transfer case, and that's what you have it set to. If the vehicle doesn't have the 4A position (just 2H-N-4H-4L) then Ram/Jeep/GM have front axle disconnects that allows part of the front axle to rotate when the position is in 2H - but the...
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Coming down the Kelly Grade after spending a few days up on Smoky Mountain in southern Utah...
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    What Half-Ton Truck & Why

    Keep in mind that Ram is going to a twin-turbo 6 cylinder engine for 2025. No more V8 engine in the 1500 series.
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    F150 Tremor vs diesel Silverado ZR2?

    24 gallon fuel tank just wouldn't make it in my world...I need all the range I can get.
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    Possible new class 5 rig. Am I nut's to choose gas motor ?

    Personally, I think the perceived "problems" with the new diesels are overblown. I know several people who own the newest (last 5 years) Powerstrokes and Ram/Cummins and not one of them has had an engine-related problem. Nor do I see a lot of posts about engine problems on the forums. Yes, a...
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    2024 or 2025 GMC 2500 doublecab long bed (8'bed) 6.6 gas V-8, any reason i shouldn't get one?

    Not even GM uses an actual "Allison" transmission anymore. When GM went to their new 10 speed heavy-duty transmission they built their own - and slapped an Allison sticker on it, under an agreement with Allison. But Allison doesn't build that 10 speed. That being said, I've not seen anything...
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    Show your Thumper!!

    Taken with an Olympus XA camera so tiny it would fit into any pocket. Loaded with Kodachrome 25 film! My current ride is a Yamaha XT225:
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    Show your Thumper!!

    Always wanted one of those! Closest I ever got was an XR250 and a whole bunch of XLs of various displacements. Now I'm closing in on 80 years old and though I still have a dirt bike I'm getting so clumsy I have to do most of my "thumping" on 4 wheels.
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    In an extremely remote location in northern Nevada...about 100 miles to the nearest town:
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    Is Offroading in a SuperDuty Really That Bad?

    ^This! Me, I'm never "Off Road". Most of the time though, I'm "Off Pavement". So I use vehicles that can work on the roads I have to traverse. You're not going to like driving any of these roads in a HD pickup! Big tires, aired way down, is the only way to travel these roads with a HD...
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    Full timing in a slide-in camper ... insanity?

    I've been using a slide-in camper for many years. Mine is a 9.5 Bigfoot on a dually, extending a foot or so past the 8' bed of the truck. The actual "floor space" of my camper is approximately 2' wide by less than 8' long. If you are considering a small camper for your F150 then your floor...
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    This is what the side of my van looks like when I'm out and about. Anything I bolted to the side would quickly be scraped off!
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    Garmin Tread Overland Edition - any users yet?

    Did you install any good maps on the Tread? The maps it comes with do not show any of the more primitive roads and trails...that's why they're "free". Install some Garmin 100k maps, or the 24k maps for your region if you want to see the roads less traveled. Or download (free) the maps you need...
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    Micro four thirds

    Mine too! I have both the original and the newest version; this new version (at least my copy) is impressively sharp. For my type of photography (mostly landscape) it is the best. Rarely have to switch lenses.
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    Micro four thirds

    For biking/hiking you might consider the Sony RX100 VI or the newest VII. Tiny camera but wonderful image quality, with a superb zoom lens. It's what I keep in my pocket most times when hiking.
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    Micro four thirds

    I went to Micro four thirds several years ago but I went with Panasonic. First the GH2, then a G9. I liked the G9 so much that I bought another one so I'm not changing lenses so much. It is a big camera for Micro four thirds but the ergonomics to me are so good that I love handling it. It...
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    Quigley Duramax Sportsmobiles

    No, the Allison was not available in the vans. If I remember correctly, it was just too big to fit. As far as the suspension, everything I've read from people who owned them is that it works very well. Much better than the straight-axle Ford conversions as far as highway driving. Never have...
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    Mid-size vs Full-size truck setup

    The 2025 Ram 1500 will no longer have a V8 engine. Stellantis is following Ford's lead so that new Ram will have a twin-turbo 6 cylinder (but straight 6 instead of V6). I wouldn't want to be a beta tester for a new engine.