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    Ford 10 speed with regear anyone done it yet

    With the same tires you will have about a 31% increase in rpm’s going to 4.88. You can make a guesstimate based on final rpm’s based on difference in the actual tires on the truck (as measured) and the tires you buy (as measured and under load). I say as measured because there is huge...
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    Basic Betty Build

    Congrats! That is going to be a fun truck!
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    Need ideas to carry motorcycle and bikes at speed. Off-road capable.

    Many times. It was a sarcastic reply to ozarkers remarks.
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    My Journey

    I have been back and forth across the country a number of times in the last few years, always taking less traveled routes as time permits. Mostly more southern routes in az, co, nm, tx, ok. My curiosity is always peaked when I see an abandoned homestead and my mind wanders thinking of the who’s...
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    Need ideas to carry motorcycle and bikes at speed. Off-road capable.

    Yeah, I have never seen a tractor trailer do 80!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mexican 1000

    Great video and a great time! I knew nothing about the safari class and that puts a Baja 1000 trip as a possibility for some of us! Thanks!
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    1999 Land Rover Discovery - Project Disco (re)Deux

    Yes, I had a 96 and it was one of my favorite vehicles! But once I passed about 120k it was getting expensive to keep! Enjoy!
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    JK/JL Jeep Camper Concept

    What a beautiful vehicle! May you have many great adventures!
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    1999 Land Rover Discovery - Project Disco (re)Deux

    Nice build! Hope it doesn’t abandon you like Raleigh did to the Roanoke colony. Dropped them off and didn’t come back for 5 years. They disappeared in the meantime.
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    Is Offroading in a SuperDuty Really That Bad?

    Good choice on the tires, especially 17s. Don’t understand using 20s off road when you give up 1.5” of softening the ride through the tires. Just for looks, not performance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That’s fine. 99% of the folks on here have never gone on anything harder than a recently improved FS road.
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    JK/JL Jeep Camper Concept

    Incredible build!
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    Using a lithium battery as a house battery in an overland vehicle

    Always great detail and well written posts! Very interesting and thanks for sharing jcsherb!
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    Should I buy a 2024 Tacoma TRD Off Road?

    So you looked at the competition but you didn’t look at a ranger or a canyon?? Was it just the Nissan and Jeep you looked at?
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    Very nice! I was about to give you the same advice I was given when I was looking at 690s. “Don’t ride one or you will buy it.” Probably one of my most favorite bikes ever!
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    Recovery Rope or Recovery Strap?

    It is a common practice, in the jeep community at least, fine as long as common sense and precautions are used.
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    Sold; 2017 Jeep JKU Rubicon w/ Ursa Minor top

    I am assuming 410 gears? Bump for a great deal!!!
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    expedition VW beetle

    There is a group going to be doing the TAT this summer in some Baja bugs. Should be an interesting watch!
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    EV acceptance is peaking

    I mentioned that in the beginning but apparently people are nah nah nahing when they hear it. Toyota has mentioned that a number of times. He said publicly what the other companies will not say.
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    EV acceptance is peaking

    And Toyota ceo says it will never pass 30% market share.