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    Casper & Outono - 2x 1998 Discovery 1 Builds

    You're a HAM so you'll want/need another radio. This location on the transmission tunnel has been working for me: And glad to hear you're keeping your truck. The Disco landscape seems awfully quiet sometimes.
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    Casper & Outono - 2x 1998 Discovery 1 Builds

    Figure it out? Might go this route...
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    Best sturdy camp table?

    We use a small ironing board.
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    VE7GMQ Vancouver Island, BC Canada
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    building underbed storage w Coosa?

    I have not. Only G2 and West System epoxies. I have some Coosa in the shop right now so was able to snap a picture that may help to inform your decisions (and yes, I need a manicure). The 20lb variant I have experience with is variable density with "harder" skins on the surface with a visibly...
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    building underbed storage w Coosa?

    "Does anyone with hands on coosa experience have joinery tips to share? I’ve read it doesn’t take biscuits well. Seems most use butt joints with t-nuts and through bolts, but I’d like more rigid joinery options if possible. And is it recommended to augment joints with sikaflex or other...
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    Lightweight Cabinet Materials - Plywood/Coosa Alternatives

    Recently purchased some Coosa. About 1/2 the weight of comparably thick plywood. Great if you need it but yeah cha ching $$$
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    Heat Exchangers

    Used a copper tube in tube exchanger decades ago. Bring a tub, cooler, or? Put the pump in the lake, creek or? and fill the tub. Move the pump to the tub. Put the shower head or? in the tub. Let the pump (and truck) run until the tub is the temp your missus wants. Move the shower head to the...
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    Build Thread: Burni

    "The bad news was the increased weight on the front axle as a result of the rear axle now being further away, which meant that the addition of a crane cannot be done as the calculations suggest the front axle will be over its limit, or so close it doesn't matter. Smaller and lighter cranes, are...
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    Ham radios. What is everyone using

    Just bought a Kenwood TM-742A I'm hoping to get installed before too long.
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    Show us what you cook on!

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    Weekend car camping trip video

    A bit of a hastily organized foray but we managed a few of days car camping a couple of weeks back. The off season has its challenges but it's nice to be reminded of the rewards. Always worth it.
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    winch - yeah or nah?

    Have you considered a Tirfor or similar cable puller? No maintenance, light weight, works when your battery doesn't or your truck is on its side, etc. etc..
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    Mini Bike Camping