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    enjoy your trip and dont forget to taste Yakizakana thats some fish that i liked:ylsmoke: __________________________ travel with me India Tour Rajasthan Tour
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    i think it will be easier to travel to burma from india now. The completion of the long-awaited India-Burma-Thailand highway connection should be a key priority for the three involved nations as it would boost trade links with Asean, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said during Burmese...
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    traveled to india?

    ya a great place to visit, kashmir is truely a beautiful place , some of other places that i am planning are rajasthan , and some parts of south india. kerala will be a great place. _______________________ planning to take these Rajasthan Tour Package Rajasthan Tour India
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    traveled to india?

    Has any one been there, i have heard a lot of stories about this place. my parents went there once. i too plan to travel there. if you guys have visited, and know some of the places that you loved, plz comment.
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    Loving Korea

    cool pick and beautiful place:Wow1: