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    Anyone riding MTB with drop bars?

    There are some bar attachments that have elbow rests and a hoop-like projection out from the bars that you grab with your hands- which can also support bag mounts and bike computers. I have never used them but they look interesting. has a ton of useful product info/ reviews...
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    Anyone riding MTB with drop bars?

    I have a Salsa Cutthroat (the bike in the pic above), which is marketed as a drop bar mtb due to the mtb hub and bottom bracket spacing, frame geometry designed to have the option for suspension forks, and clearance for mtb tires. It has the woodchipper bars as well. I also have a Transition...
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    Best sturdy camp table?

    Buy once, cry once......for a long time knowing you spent $700 on a small plastic folding table!
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    New bike

    Making sure to dial in your sag front and rear is the first and most important step to adjusting the rest of the suspension (rebound, compression damping) and probably the easiest as well. Once you have this figured out you can follow the setup guides put out by Specialized (for the shock) and...
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    New bike

    It can definitely be done, but at what cost? Personally I wouldn't go to the expense and hassle of a GX drivetrain just for 2 more teeth on the cassette. GX is much higher quality, no doubt, but it will get pricey quickly if you have to replace most of the drivetrain (not sure you will, but...
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    Northern Lite 610 for 1/2 Ton PU

    Yes, dimensions are exactly the same between 3/4 and 1 ton. And they aren't that much longer than 1/2 tons of the same cab and bed configuration, although they do feel bigger. Ford uses the same cab structure between 1/2, 3/4, 1 ton trucks.
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    F150 tire size?

    I ran 285/75/17 on Raptor takeoffs with no rubbing. It even fit in the spare location- just barely. 2015 F150 but they are the same as 2018, pretty sure.
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    New Bike Advice Needed

    I agree with you on the tubeless point. I don't carry co2, have never had to try to reseat a bead on the trail- if it needs to be unseated to repair a tire or comes off accidentally with a massive puncture, I would just throw in a tube and be done with it until back in the shop. That has never...
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    New Bike Advice Needed

    The whole point of tubeless is to not have to deal with it on a trail miles from nowhere. Lower tire pressure possible with tubeless brings more grip and reduces the likelihood of pinch flats, reduced rolling resistance, small punctures seal on their own. Always carry a spare tube for cases...
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    Old mountain bike

    Bike like this are probably worth more to the current owner than for sale. You might get a taker on CL but I wouldn't expect much. I have sold pretty decent mtn bikes (for their time) for very little because the components and standards changed so much, they got outdated pretty quickly...
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    Bear proofing on vehicle-based expeditions?

    I had a 50 gallon plastic pickle shipping barrel which I made into a compost bin with a 12'x12' trap door for loading. A black bear was attracted to the smells and tried to get into it everywhere but the trap door. The bear bit holes through the heavy plastic, which was amazing mostly in that...
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    Bear proofing on vehicle-based expeditions?

    Just to clarify, I'm pretty sure the black and brown bears in the Ozarks are the same "black bear" species- just different color coats. Some are cinnamon colored. Black bears as a species are the ones most likely to break into cars, though. There are two separate issues for bear prevention...
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    New Bike Advice Needed

    The link was broken, but I looked it up anyway. $500 off is great if the local dealers are doing that as well. Some weaknesses of that spec: 25mm id rims will severely limit how wide you can go with tires. Maybe 2.4? Probably a stretch but maybe doable.... 100x9 and 135xr QR hubs are really...
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    New Bike Advice Needed

    Agreed on 11spd in theory, but it is almost impossible to find 1x11 on any quality bike made in the last few years. An XT 11 spd rear end shifts superbly, is lighter and easier to adjust, but manufacturers think the buyers don't want it and buyers go along with that. Most bikes are geared too...
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    New Bike Advice Needed

    Rockhoppers are decent bikes, I haven't seen the spec on that particular model so can't comment more specifically. Here is what would be on my 'must have' list: 29" wheels, hardtail, 28mm id wheels for wider tires, 1x12 drive train (Shimano Deore is a better entry level kit than anything from...
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    Light for Vehicle Repairs

    I would say a combination of a magnetic rechargeable work light and a headlamp. Both are cheap and can be used for a variety of uses besides working under a vehicle.
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    Overland Vehicle for 5 + Dog

    Sprinter's don't tow 20' trailers well, certainly not as well as any 150-1500-1/2 ton vehicle will. We found there was a real benefit to being able to drop the trailer at a basecamp then use the tow vehicle for day trips or even overnighters with tent camping. Having to pack up the entire...
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    Having Difficulty Pricing my F-150 to Sell

    I just sold my 2015 F150, advertised here and elsewhere. I looked around and the prices for similar used trucks were all over the place, some wildly higher than KBB. I started a bit higher just to see if there were any early bites and then lowered. I ended up getting about what KBB said I...
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    Bicycle Transport options and ideas?

    My situation was similar to yours: F150 with a cap, pulling a trailer, two bikes (not e-bikes). I had a full bed buildout, but you could do something similar with less trouble (more space). See the attached photo. You could make something to slide out for ease of loading, but not really...
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    Running 110v a/c off alt and inverter while driving

    And yes, I tend to ask questions about sketchy heating setups in June- looking ahead!