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    Bush Co Alpha/AX27

    I’ve got a Bush co Alpha/AX27 rtt for sale in Johnstown, CO. $3500
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    WTB Bush Company Alpha

    I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the alpha again if I had to. If you’re nervous about the capacity on the mt hood and the rain fly not giving enough coverage than I’d say you already have your answer. Sounds like if you bought the mt hood you’d be settling and you’d wished you bought the alpha.
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    WTB Bush Company Alpha

    I think it’s plenty big enough for my wife and I. She’s 5’3”, 120lbs and I’m 6’1”, 170lbs and we have plenty of room. Had a roofnest Falcon (the standard, not xl) prior to this tent and that was slightly narrower. The extra width makes a big difference. I get what you’re saying about the cost...
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    WTB Bush Company Alpha

    I know CVT up in Bend, OR just got some a week ago today. Went and picked one up last Friday. Spent two nights in it so far, best tent I've owned. Obviously not close to TX but you can always have it shipped.
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    One year old roofnest falcon rooftop tent. Great condition! $2,800 Specs on tent: