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    Overland International is looking for event booth staff to attend regional events.

    Email Google doc sent for the western states region from Bend,Or
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Where was that -22f!? Whoofa!
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    2006 KTM 640 adventure 8k miles

    TreeFarm, is that you? I love this ride and have eyed it for a while now.
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    Thank you. Bit to far to travel.
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    Hey there VDub67 where are you located?
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    Nicely done! @WanderingBison
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    Couple of shots
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    Do you have a link to our build?
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    Thank you for the links @coguzzi @1leglance @Johnboyy
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    New to me 2017 Ford Tranzit. New sneakers on all four corners(General Grabber ATX 245/75/16) Radventure wagon.
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    Ford Transit chassis cab DIY composite camper

    Any updates yet? Photos or it never happened ;)
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    Anyone have a build thread on the Ford Transit? Picking up new to me 2017 with a QuadVan 4x Conversion planned for July. Partial build already started(bed and bike storage). MaxFan installed and lighting.
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    A little over priced but comes with Moto...(not mine)
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    Or if you are into Oddball vehicles.....sorry for the tie Poe's.

    Oddball because it is not very common not for the mobility part. PC police no need to ticket me. This is the first I have every seen in the wild for sale. Like finding a old school Yellow Cab Wagon....
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    One to many zeros......
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    Or if you are into Oddball vehicles.....sorry for the tie Poe's.
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    Not mine but only 300k on the odometer
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    Very rad Van for sure. KBB has a bit of a different value. I can’t take away what the dealer might give you. $40k is my limit.