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    ISO-Clean 94-97 80 Series LC

    Looking to broaden my search in the hunt for a clean FZJ80. Must be rust free and locking differentials is a huge plus but not a deal breaker. Stock or already built is fine, not worried about mileage as long as it has good records to go with it. I’m located in St. Louis, MO but realize I will...
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    Flatlanders Go West

    Awesome report so far! My wife and I did a similar trip to this for our honeymoon just before your trip last year for 2 weeks straight hitting the morrison then up to Glacier NP and lots of places in-between. Can't wait to get back out there! Looking forward to reading the rest of your thread!
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    "The Moose" 2012 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X Build Thread and some stories MNCarl

    Great write-up Carl! This will be one trip I will most definitely never forget good and bad. Puts you in perspective how quick something tragic can happen like that. Overall, Cayla and I had a great time with everyone that tagged along, I don't think we would have been able to complete Morrison...
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    New shoes for the 3rd Gen 4Runner...advice appreciated.

    Had a set of Cooper A/T3s on my 3rd gen when I sold it and loved them. Great traction for an a/t offroad when aired down and smooth and quiet ride on the highway.
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    Wildebeest build thread. The story of the little 85 that could.

    Sounds like you have had quite a time with this thing already. Can't wait to see the rest of this build.
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    Silverton Wildflowers

    Awesome photos and very jealous. Looks like a great trip!
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    Daily driver tires, suggestions?

    Picking up a set of 265/75/16 Load Range C AT3's this week for my 3rd gen with 2.5in lift. Thinking this is the perfect size for a DD that will see quite a few miles but still is a nice bump up from stock size tires.
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    WTB: ARB Front Bumper for 2000 4runner (Midwest)

    If I can't find a used one in the next month or two I will probably just go ahead and buy a new one. Looked on the Wisconsin Craigslist and didn't have any luck so it must have sold. Thanks for letting me know regardless!
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    WTB: ARB Front Bumper for 2000 4runner (Midwest)

    bump! Still on the search for a bumper!
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    WTB: ARB Front Bumper for 2000 4runner (Midwest)

    Will do! Check on if you want to get together and wheel with some local guys!
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    WTB: ARB Front Bumper for 2000 4runner (Midwest)

    Had the same problem when I looked for both Tacoma and 4Runner in multiple years. Weird.
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    WTB: ARB Front Bumper for 2000 4runner (Midwest)

    There's a few on there just not the tacoma model I need. I try to check everyday to see if a new one has been posted though.
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    WTB: ARB Front Bumper for 2000 4runner (Midwest)

    I am looking for an ARB front winch bumper to replace the stock bumper on my 2000 4runner. Which should be any ARB's made for 1st gen tacos I believe. Located in St. Louis, MO but am willing to travel for the right deal. Please PM me if you have or know of a bumper for sale. Thanks!
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    Moab, Telluride, Ouray, Vail, Crested Butte all in one trip. A flatlanders journey

    Some awesome pictures you have sir. Looking to do a similar trip in the next year or two. Mind me asking how long the trip took you total?
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    1998 4Runner Black Beauty

    How are the 906s and 99 talls holding up with the weight of the arb in front and drawers/swingout in the rear? I would love to do the same setup but don't want in to be sagging in the rear. Also, why the yellow and blue bilsteins over 5100s?