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    The Dometic CFX3 Mega Thread

    @Dometic Can you tell us what the plans are for updating the Mobile Cooling app? The iOS (iPhone) version 2.0.10 has not been updated in over three months and still does not work (for a lot of us). I have a CFX3 55IM and I am unable to connect the Mobile Cooling app to the fridge. I have tried...
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    The Dometic CFX3 Mega Thread

    I have a CFX3 55IM that I have had for a few years. It has been unplugged and propped open for several months. I just plugged it in to put the Christmas turkey in it, I was able to set the temperature and it cooled off. I tried to connect via the app (Mobile Cooling) but it would not connect via...
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    SOLD!!: MOAB Fort XL expedition trailer - Phoenix, AZ area.

    Looking to sell our Moab Fort XL expedition trailer as we are most likely upgrading. Made in Phoenix, Arizona by Bivouac Camping Trailers. Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized XL tent in orange, with annex, tent insulator, and sheets. 100W solar panel and ProStar PS-30 controller. Galley, sink, 36 gallon...