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    Tunisia Travels in 2018

    Can't wait for pictures either! I am also interested in details of your vehicle shipping arrangements to Europe and back? If you're interested in sharing. :)
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    Morocco Expedition 2017

    More!!!!! :)
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    Why I don't like BMW's.

    Hardleys... In my part of the world (upper midwest USA) most riders wave. I would say the highest % of riders that dont are on Harleys. just my 2 cents. I wave to scooters some times. If they aren't just some kid going to class at least.
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    Motorcycle adventure jacket - Dont wanna spend a fortune

    Depends on particulars IMHO. If I wanted to be cheaper than I already am I would buy a second hand mesh jacket with a good wind/water resistant liner and then buy a nice wool sweater to wear underneath. and a scarf since I lose most of my heat through my giraffe neck... Otherwise I would just...
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    what do jeep guys like as a truck?

    I'll chime in since I frequently have trouble deciding what to replace vehicles with. I owned an 89 XJ and an 89ish MJ, both awesome. When I got a "real" job I sold the Jeeps since they were old and beat up and bought a RWD 2006 Silverado. The beauty of this truck was its simplicity and...
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    Bobby's WK Overland build

    Looks good bobby, got any pictures of your spacers?
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    How are Wranglers at soaking up the high speed off road stuff?

    Here-in lays the problem when you start talking about higher speed operation and chassis dynamics. Trucks like the Ford raptor are shorter than their typical F150 cousin, but not radically short like a wrangler. Can the jeep be made to perform? absolutely! its just time and money right? Your...
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee WK (2005-2010) as ExPo vehicle

    just chiming in :) hey all, I owned a 2009 loaded laredo for a couple of years, and now in the market for another. Thought I would add some of my ups and downs, since this is a post about the usefulness of the WK. We bought ours as a CPO with something like 35k miles, clean looking. Had to...
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    WH (WK) Preparation for the Pyrenees

    Well illustrated! I have never tried that particular setup. lol I should have said: factory jacking options are poor... :D
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    WH (WK) Preparation for the Pyrenees

    I'm sure they do but, being a previous WK owner, there is nowhere on the vehicle to use them! :smiley_drive:
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    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    Ranger- this tarp and poles, details? :)
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    Road trip!

    Tip- Always gas up before venturing off the beaten path. take a jerry can if doing anything extended. To-do's - everything. Go slow. stay off the freeway when possible. If youve seen it on postcard or in guide book, its probably worth stopping. Talk to people, while not easy for everybody it...
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    Arrows West: The Trans America Trail and beyond

    hey Rob, the site is looking good. Now it just needs more content! :) what kind of truck is that cute little red rig in the painted hills photo? It looks cozy and capable.
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    Hello From Switzerland

    I have always loved the Porsche Cayenne. I wish the "competition" parts were easily available here in the USA! keep the pictures coming
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    2004 Silverado 1500 crew build

    Wow, talk about a worthless OP. sorry EP readers. :) So as of this typing I still have the truck but it is on the chopping block just waiting for a replacement. I would like to add some observations though for people that might be interested: Right now the truck has just shy of 190k miles. It...
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    Need recommendations for a family vehicle.

    I also vote Suburban/Expedition/Excursion. I would avoid the 3/4 ton models unless you are towing something heavy/bulky behind you. I have a 2005 silverado crew 1500, and it has been capable of all the trails i've tackled BUT (the caviat) at about 170k miles it started falling to pieces. wheel...
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    Impressive X5 build on Xoutpost

    The biggest drawback of an X5, IMHO, is the drivetrain. You don't even have an option of a 2 speed transfer case. you dont get an option for locking diffs. you dont get ground clearance out of the box. these things can all be added, as illustrated above, but that makes for a mechanical unknown...
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    Utah West Desert Wonders and Beauty

    There are also some really neat maps available via USGS now. They have most of their historical maps online so you can view topo maps from ages ago. I can't find the link on my tablet right now but if you dig around their website you will find them! And they are downloadable pdf's so you can...
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    2004 Silverado 1500 crew build

    not much happening around here... Well winter has decended to our fine northern home here In Minnesota. This means truck changes are up on hold for another 4-6 months :/ The upside, of course, is that it is now dream and shop time for those same 4-6 months! I did aquire another BMW project car...
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    A Nova Scotia Family Adventure; Monsoon Edition

    I'm right there with ya! Having just come back from CO all I want to do is keep traveling! Sadly the hardware and the bank accounts come knocking. Loved the writeup and pictures, definitely want to visit the area someday myself. Can't say I'm a fan of the super tall vans. It yours looks like...