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    Georgia Adventure Camping

    Check out the Big Frog Wilderness loop. Sounds like just what you’re looking for
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    2021 Titan XD Pro-4X w/ Ovrlnd Camper

    What options did you get on the camper? Is there anything you would add or delete? really well done rig
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    Yeah I have plenty of ways to address it. That’s not the point. Also have to be careful to have the right assortment of bits and pieces to avoid the ATF’s catchall “constructive possession” rule. Mostly likely, I’m just out a nice 11.5 barrel and a brace
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    I have one of the now evil AR pistols and frequently shoot with my neighbor who lives about 300 yards from me - in another state. Legally, I’ll no longer be able to do that. Free stamp not withstanding, taking my now SBR to my friends house will requiring filing ATF Form 5320.20 (Application...
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    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    Great post - very informative. I'm about to go though the same process. The racket is wearing on my nerves. I put the OME HD leaf packs on my Frontier a couple years ago using the OME poly bushings and greasable shackles. That may have been a bit of an overkill. I notice you have the stock...
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    2011 CC LWB Frontier with Vagabond Drifter

    What EZ down strut did you use? I can’t find one that fits Frontiers
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    Where can I shoot?

    Unfortunately, that constitutional provision doesn’t apply in other states.
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    Where can I shoot?

    I am not a Wyoming resident and haven’t researched your states laws. You may want to verify this statement ”Since I live in Wyoming, I believe my Wyoming Drivers License is essentially a concealed carry permit in all but a few states.” I know it wouldn’t fly in my state. if you really want...
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    Nissan Photos - post your's

    Boondocking in New Mexico
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    Camper shell and OME

    Thank you The cap is an ARE CX. Towing the Casita is no problem at all. Get about 13 mpg towing which isn't bad at all. Struggled a bit in some of the high passes in Colorado but overall the performance is good.
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    Camper shell and OME

    Ebay snorkel with this precleaner
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    Camper shell and OME

    Mine is a 2007 KC 4x4. For years, i used the OME HD on the front and MD on the rear and it was fine - great actually. When we got the trailer, the 375 tongue weight added a bit more sag than I was comfortable with so I added the extra leaves to make HD. I’m satisfied with the result. This...
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    2005 Nissan Xterra VK56 Build Thread

    I keep waiting for something to break and give me an excuse to do this. Looks like the VK belongs there. Great job
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    2006 Xterra OR project. Phase Two

    Question regarding the new shifter. When you replaced the shifter mechanism with the Pathfinder one, did the control cables fit as is or was adjustment required? outstanding ride you’ve got there!
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    Swing arm on Shrockworks bumper 2nd Gen

    Contact member eolivas on club frontier. He’s built several for other members including me. Mine has dual swingarms. Look in the off-road 4x4 subforum. quite a few pictures too
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    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    Food for thought: “——- permit holders are convicted of misdemeanors and felonies at less than a sixth the rate for police officers,” Lott writes. “Among police, firearms violations occur at a rate of 16.5 per 100,000 officers. Among permit holders in Florida and Texas, the rate is only 2.4 per...
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    Frontier PRO-4X ""Overland"" Build = 7000 km trip

    Just got back from Canyonlands. You’ll have a great time Nice setup. Just curious - What’s the combined width of the 2 drawers?
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    New to me pro4x

    If you’re in the market for bumpers, or sliders, I suggest you look at these two threads. I have a Shrock front bumper but replaced my Shrock rear with one from this guy that had swingouts. The build quality is every bit the equal of Shrock or any of the others. The welds are works of art...
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    Bad Elf or Garmin GLO

    Know nothing about the Elf. Have been using the Glo for 4 years with a WiFi only IPad. Been flawless. It’s mounted to the roof of the truck behind the headliner and signal has never been an issue. No complaints at all
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    Looking for Help with Off-road Lighting Circuit Wiring

    Blue Sea Systems is the standard at least imo