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    Adventure Trailer Horizon #183 FS $15,500

    I bought one of your folding awning brackets for my horizon trailer many years ago. Good luck on the sale. I sold mine a few years ago to go another route but sort of wish I still had it instead of the old PackMule trailer I also have. But camping configurations & priorities change. This is a...
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    AT Horizon Roll Call / Mods / Pics

    reply to..."accessories on the trailer – adding a sink for example. I’m sure I can find other sources," ******* You can make what you want or find the accessories. For example, you can get the manual handpump on amazon. The sink is just a small bar sink mounted on a stainless L bracket then...
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    Flatbed Chaser?

    Did you ask AT Overland? They stopped making the Horizon Trailer but thought they would still get materials for 2 or so chasers a year. But that was last year. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    RLD Shower Cube

    I have the Quick Pitch shower for many years. In comparing the two the quick pitch has longer side panels and they are height adjustable. I think this gives much more mounting flexibility on vehicle mounting. If you have to mount it higher you can lower the panels closer to the ground. The RLD...
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    My GFC Camper for your AT Habitat (5' bed)

    Good luck on this. I love my habitat and you will enjoy the extra space. You might be better off selling the GFC versus a trade as I always see people wanting to buy a reservation spot for them (but also see just as many wanting to sell their reservation spot). Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    AT Tacoma Habitat: Official Thread

    The BedRug is great. It is padded to be kind on knees and feet. It also cuts down on dust intrusion.
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    FWC Shell or Habitat

    I added Deaver u402 expedition leaf springs when I got my habitat. It fixed the droop and now when you are inside it is not bouncy. I would suggest going with leaf springs over air bags. With air bags you can tweak left & right level but I can always park level enough. Also with airbags you...
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    AT Habitat for SB Toyota

    I love my Habitat and this is a good deal for someone especially with the hatches and beating the wait time for a new one.
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    SOLD.....FOR SALE: 2017 Horizon Off-Road Trailer by Adventure Trailer (AT Overland)

    Location: Tucson, Arizona USA. I purchased the trailer in November 2017. This is an awesome off-road trailer. It tracks well and you don’t even notice it is behind you. This is a great set up and very functional and convenient. Various life circumstances have made it difficult to get out and...
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    SOLD! FOR SALE Partner Steel aluminum table

    I have a Salamander table (Used by river rafting companies) of similar design and size. Partner steel version has handholds and more tie down straps holes. I can attest that if you have the room to carry it these make great camp kitchen tables. I use my cook Partner stove on mine. It is at a...
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    FS: New Tembo Tusk Skottle complete kit with extras $260

    That's crazy and I don't see any rules about a minimum to post.
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    Zarges boxes for broke people?

    Zarges boxes are made in Germany and Germany has all of those awesome benefits like free healthcare, childcare, education, elder care, and the list goes on.
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    Zarges boxes for broke people?

    Not sure if you are referring to zarges boxes or a cheaper copy. Zarges boxes are awesome. My significant other is German and he did field research in several countries in Africa as well as lived there. Zarges boxes are how he shipped all of his gear, clothes, equipment. They have been all over...
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    FS: New Tembo Tusk Skottle complete kit with extras $260

    I've posted several times on multiple forums here and I also follow many of the threads, but I'm also not going to spend my life obsessed with forums or social media in general, some of us have a life. I also see no rules regarding a minimum post count and if there was would you rather have...
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    FS: New Tembo Tusk Skottle complete kit with extras $260

    For some reason the for sale section said I didn't have permission to post.
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Here is my AT Overland Horizon Trailer with additional modifications discussed here:
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    AT Horizon Roll Call / Mods / Pics

    AT Overland Horizon Trailer and Modifications I purchased a 2017 AT Overland Horizon trailer. I opted to perform some of the work myself and posted about the trailer and my modifications on my website. The upper level page has...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    I am a big fan of the snow peak stakes. Too heavy for backpacking but for car, truck or trailer camping they are awesome. Living in AZ the flimsy lightweight stakes just bend in the rocks. I have about 25 of the 20 cm stakes and 4 of the 30 cm stakes. I use them on everything, tent, awning...
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    Lets See Your Solar Setups

    Search they have several models of single or dual voltage displays.