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    CAMPER SOLD, TRUCK STILL AVAILABLE 2017 F-250 6.7L 4x4, Spokane WA $50,000 OBO

    Beautiful rig! What size fuel tank does it have and what mileage do you get?
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    2015 Tacoma DCSB overlander with Snap! Treehouse

    Can you post pic of the inside of the camper?
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    Black Friday 2020

    I'm told that Sherpa is likely to run a Black Friday sale in case their racks interest you. I'm waiting/hoping for that one!
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    Sold - AT Overland Horizon model Adventure Trailer

    Nice trailer! Do you have the dimensions of the main body and total length? And approximate weight as shown? Thanks!
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    WTB Low Profile Roof Rack for 4th Gen 4Runner

    Thanks for the offer! Do you know how high the top of the crossbar sits off the roof of the 4Runner. Fitting in the garage is tight so the models I have been looking at sit 2 or 2 1/2" above - which barely works!
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    WTB Low Profile Roof Rack for 4th Gen 4Runner

    Hey all: We are looking to add an RTT to our 2006 4Runner and still fit the vehicle into our garage. As such, I'm looking for a low height roof rack - like a Prinsu or Sherpa Princeton - that sits less than 3" above the roofline of the truck. Please message me if you are interested in selling...
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    CVT Mt Hood Aluminum hardshell RTT

    I'm curious to know if you have had any water issues with it and if you have been able to keep any bedding up there when you close the RTT. This model is pretty new so I've had trouble finding reviews. Thanks!