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    Coffee Makers?

    We have 2 SS Double wall French press (s) a Bodum and a GSI. They are both 8 cup and both keep coffee quite hot for at least an hour (although it won't last that long with me around...;))
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    Coffee Makers?

    Where did you find that? Please tell! I have been hunting for a SS Vac pot... Thx, Bill
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    Theoretically the "internet" has been around since the 60' you could have posted your adventures. The www as we now know it is a bit you missed that by 2 yrs...
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    Does anyone go through the car wash with your awning attached?

    I go through with the awning extended...cleans truck/awning at same time...real multi-tasking!
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    Jet Boil Performance

    Well...I was going to ask how cold it was when you used it. They suck in REAL cold temps. The other thing that really seems to slow them down is filling above the "fill line". Other than those my JB for heating water. Anyway, glad yours is fixed!
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    Comparing Discovery Sport and Subaru Outback

    You could buy 2 Subaru's for what that is going to cost...literally.
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    Comparing Discovery Sport and Subaru Outback

    4 cyl (apples2apples) from Edmunds... Maximum cargo capacity Yota 83.7 cu.ft. Subie 73.3 cu.ft. = 14% Maximum towing capacity Yota 1500 lbs. Subie 2700 lbs. At about 20% cost premium.... MSRP Yota $30,100 Subie $25,745 Fuel Economy (city/hwy) Yota 20/25 mpg Subie 25/33 mpg...
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    Comparing Discovery Sport and Subaru Outback

    yep...figure 20 mpg average. 2 co-workers both report same. The 15 Suby is at 31 mpg ~. It is larger than the Highlander as well...the back seat is comfy (reclines!) for me at 6' and actually does seat 3 across. Just because it's a yota...don't assume it's efficient. Our diesel truck serves a...
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    Comparing Discovery Sport and Subaru Outback

    20 thanks... My full size deezul truck does better...
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    Comparing Discovery Sport and Subaru Outback

    Anyone who is shopping this category and has not looked at the newly re-designed for 15' OB is really missing out. We just replaced the Wife's 99...and the new OB is a very nice car...and quite a value. Go test drive'll be impressed...and may end up with a lot of $cratch left in your...
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    How to get roof top tent onto roof rack?

    Wow...I am exhausted just reading this thread. Thank God for tents...
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    looking for advice on purchasing a Volvo XC70!

    Maybe you should be looking at a Subaru...
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    Nice G Spotted

    geez...I saw "G...Spot" in the had me going for a minute there.... That thing needs some mud on it.
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    We need help upgrading from the point-and-shoot

    Pani FZ200 or for a few more $'s Pani FZ1000. Awesome lens and plenty of features. Pretty much all the camera you will ever need unless you turn pro and want to carry a trunk full of lenses.
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    AEV Bilstein Shock Upgrade

    Which Bilstein's are you running?
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    Help me find a do everything 2p tent

    REI sale;
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    Let's discuss offroad adventure and "Gucci" vehicles

    There was an article here earlier this year, on a couple traveling in some far eastern region in their blue mog. They flew in to this country, drove a few hundred miles, and flew back home. They never went “off road” (at least not in this article) and they commented they had never even slept in...
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    What did you use your Hi-Lift for today?

    I saw a Guy with Christmas lights hanging off his HL strapped to his (very clean) jeep...I think he had an axe up there too...
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    Help me find a do everything 2p tent

    x3 I like our BA, it is a 3 person and weighs < 5# pack weight...while it is 3 season works pretty well all year and you can use just the fly and floor for lighter packing. The "ultra-lite" Folks will scoff at this weight...but "ultra-lite" usually mean the durability of tissue paper...
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    What Temps do you use your Flip Pac?

    I still do plenty of tent camping with Scouts and backpacking. The easiest, quickest way for us to get out of town is the TC. It is always loaded with all the right stuff (pots/pans/condiments/clothes, etc, etc.) we just throw some fresh food/beer in and go. I can even toss the Honda genny in if...