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    Back in a van-FINALLY or Overland-ish style build: take 2

    Love it, great colour scheme. My wife might be wanting a similar step when I put a swivel in our van
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    Ford Transit Custom Build

    Progress was very fast for a few weeks, but has seriously slowed since. I have the vynil floor fitted and the door thresholds done, I also put on my brave boy pants and cut two big holes in the doors to install windows. always a bit intimidating chopping up a car. Last thing done is I...
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    JK/JL Jeep Camper Concept

    Congrats on finishing the build, it's a great design and between this thread and Dan's videos it's given a great insight into the design process. I've a question on the roof. Did ye consider a euro style pop top? With elevating/parallel hinges which gives a bit of raise even on the low...
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    An Off-road Capable Delica Camper To Hit North America in a Few Years

    It's a one tonne truck. But a one tonne truck is not a one ton truck. An f350 is available according to a quick search with up to 3600kg payload. The L200 will be rated to 1000kg in some markets. American one ton trucks stopped being one tonne trucks a long long time ago. The L200 is a...
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    Ford Transit Custom Build

    Not a custom build of a Ford Transit. The Transit Custom is the mid sized member of the transit family. It's existed as a distinct model since the mk8 platform came out in 2013 whereas in the past there was just the transit in different sizes. The new 2024 model is first cousins to the new VW...
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    Portugal Expedition: SUV Challenges in Lisbon & Beyond

    What everyone else said, park and ride. Also you might struggle to rent something like an expedition unless your pockets are very deep. Big SUVs aren't common from rental companies over here so expect to pay a premium. Defender 110 or Merc GLE will probably be as close as you'll get.
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    Such limited 4x4 van choices with decent gas mileage (in the US)

    As a european I've often wondered that myself. It's not that these things are infallible or anything, but they also don't fail on a constant basis. I remember when DPFs were first a thing and the sky was gonna fall. we've had 7 or 8 DPF equipped vehicles here over the years, and we generally...
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    Wall-mounted vent fan options

    I've often looked for extremely low profile roof fans but never seen one. I wonder could something creative be done to mount a fan into a marine deck hatch. They are made to seal and be low profile. If you had a fan in the ceiling thickness it could work...
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    5 Year Trip in an INEOS Grenadier Across the World towing a Patriot X3 Which We Live In

    Yes and no. It's generally not legal but often tolerated. Coupl of reasons. Very high level of private land ownership compared to north America. Relatively high level of nomadic populations who might not have the best of reputations so many measures are aimed at them. Population density...
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    Westfalia Wave

    I think the ducato is the best looking of the lot. (but I'd buy a transit too) It's also the king of the european conversion industry because of it's shape. Westfalia do transits too, but not shipping them over I guess.
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    Westfalia Wave

    No I meant how different is the US transit Vs EU. I think it's only the diveline options are different. Just like the US ducato (promaster) Vs EU ducato is mostly just a different driveline
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    Westfalia Wave

    How different is the Transit? I thought they came off the same production line in Turkey. Driveline is US specific but so is the promaster. There's no pentastar ducatos running around Italy
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    My new van, a 2019 Ford Transit Custom. It sits between the full size transit and the connect in the European model range. Is on the full size platform but only available fwd. (Full size Transit is available in front, rear or all wheel drive in the rest of the world) Will post a build...
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    Custom Trailer to haul "Toad" vehicle (vs flat-tow)

    This. a single overspecced axle with quality tyres is the way to go twin axles are great for weight distribution and load stability in a multipurpose trailer, but if you're building a single purpose tool then you can put the single axle where it needs to be for that purpose. put quality...
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    Nissan Primastar camper build

    After installing the battery box I eventually had to sort out the dual battery system, which highlighted some weaknesses in my 12v setup which were greatly troubleshooted and resolved over here: But the...
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    Help troubleshooting my 12v system please

    I don't like leaving unfinished threads about the place. The problem with the voltage dropping off a cliff any time there was a load was a bad output connection on the controller. The cable felt snug, but it wasnt making good contact, not entirely sure how or why it felt so solid but had such...
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    Texas to Alaska to Texas. 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid driving on the Dalton Highway and the Dempster Highway. July/August 2023.

    Great thread. Great trip. But most of all sounds like you met great people all along the road
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    Bringing a car to Germany.

    As long as you can prove you're less than six months and can prove your vehicle is legal at home then it should be fine. Something to consider is that major cities are implementing low emissions zones for air quality. You will need an emissions sticker for that. If it's a euro car originally...
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    Help troubleshooting my 12v system please

    Just when I thought I was done with this....... everything seems to be charging just fine. but the charge controller is flashing the load led with signifies a current overload whenever I try to use the pump or the cooler. it's a 20A controller and the pump and cooler are both on 5A fuses. I...