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    Where do you find these things in the US?

    Anybody got any advice as to where to find unimogs in the US? Any good companies out there that will sell you or import mogs?
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    Acela Straya

    Is it me, is the ground clearance figure they advertise misleading? Why are they measuring it from the middle of the truck and not the axles? What kind of nonsense is this?
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    New to g’s

    What model year OM606 G would you recommend? Have you performed the importation process? What was it like?
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    6x6 out in the wilds...Naples Florida

    yeah exactly. I’d rather have a fully apocalypse ready unimog for less than half of this things price any day.
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    2017 G550 - Tire Options

    Did you get this figured out?
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    Will they fit? New wheels on a 2016 G550.

    Hey folks, So I've got a stock 2016 G550 with the OEM 19 inch AMG wheels. I'm planning on replacing those with some 18 inch wheels: And I want to fit the BFG KO2 in size = LT285/65R18/E 125/122R. However the thing that complicates it is that...