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    The evolving build

    I don't have my specs on me for my alignment, but I do remember I was at the upper end of the caster I could get. I took a file down to the banjo bolts I could find locally to gain myself more clearance.
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    2006 DC Tundra. DD meets ongoing tinkering.

    I don't have a picture of the light bar switch ATM, I'll try and get one for you. I however, have one of my winch switch which is the same color. They both match perfectly to my dash. Looks OEM.
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    2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread

    Id re-bend your cotter pin around your TRE nut. Looks pretty close to killing your CV boot. I normally put the pin in horizontally, and the wrap the two legs around the nut. Keeps it all nice and flush. Like this -
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    2006 DC Tundra. DD meets ongoing tinkering.

    I did not "need" it, but, it was something I wanted. My Tundra has a 130A alternator that puts about 14.0V pretty consistently. The alternators output is controlled by the ECM and is pretty much capped at 14.0. You can buy diode resistor things that plug into the alternator and OEM harness...
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    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    I think you are talking about the picture I posted on the last page. See more info in the link below, but more or less, get some aluminum angle and flat bar, bend cut and rivet to make this, then paint, pull the dash colum, route the cable, and hookup. a few more pictures here ...
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    Tunoma's 2005 Tundra - DC Build

    Looking good. Thats a long list! Small chunks at a time hahah!
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    1st gen 1 - 1.5" lift?

    Stay away from spacer lifts. If you want to do it cheap, go for a Bilstein 5100 shock with a dif drop kit. About $250 from Wheelers Offroadnew . I ran that for a few years on the top notch for 1.5in of lift. Its a great combo, and way better than a spacer lift. If you want to spend a bit...
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    Fire extinguisher mounting in a 1st gen Tundra *updated*

    I put a 2.5 in the center console of the truck. Mounted the bracket on the floor of the center console and put it in there. I don't keep much crap in the truck so its easily accessible. Its come in handy once... I should get it refilled. Also on the transmission tunnel on the passenger side...
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    2006 DC Tundra. DD meets ongoing tinkering.

    Thanks. Well its gonna all be on hold for a bit. I bought a house. So... I'll pull the winch and the bumper, wire wheel it down and paint it up and that will be that. I'll swap the winter tires on shortly as its getting colder here. Eventually have to do a windshield washer resi relocate...
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    I've often thought of filling my sliders too. One wrong jump and that's a Lab leg... What are you doing for your washer reso?
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    Cletus' 2002 Tundra AC Build

    Were you coming off the Henday tonight onto St Albert trail around 830ish tonight? It was dark... but I am pretty sure I saw your front bumper looking at me!
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    2006 DC Tundra. DD meets ongoing tinkering.

    Thanks! So I got around to getting in my Fox Coilovers. Also removed the swaybar. Install was easy. Got a local shop to do up some SS braided lines, and, didn't realize until I was about to install them that they are about 20.5 in OAL when I asked for 18 in. So tomorrow I'll bring em back...
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    2006 DC Tundra. DD meets ongoing tinkering.

    Finally back from Europe. Fox coilovers are going in today or tomorrow, then I'll get the SS front lines made and installed. Alignment on Monday. Depending on how that goes, I'll decide where to end up mounting my remote resi's. After that, I'll finish the skid plate, bend a tube for the...
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    2005 Tundra novice build - "The Rez"

    You have 3.91, or rather, I should saw we do, as we have the exact same truck. Haha. If you wanna check. Jack up the rear end, mark the flange on the rear drive shaft where it goes into the axle. 12' o'clock position works fine. Mark your tire at either the top are bottom so you know...
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    2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread

    Thanks. I'll look into that. Seems I can get em for about 75 USD shipped, or 90 CAD. Tho the shop up the road from me quoted me $100 for both, so I may just support local and go that way. For stuff like that. I just usually cut piece of ripe or string and run it along the line, mark the...
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    2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread

    Can you take a quick measurement of the length of those lines for me? I'll be getting some made from a local shop when I do mine later this year.
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    Trailscape's 06 Tundra

    The square switches will fit in the center console. Either this version, with the cubby and two switches, or the Sequoia 4 switch version. The Contura V should also fit no problem. Also, for left side of the steering wheel, I just filed mine out and put my light bar switch there. More...
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    Trailscape's 06 Tundra for push button square switches. and the Contura V rocker style should fit.