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    Portable wind power!

    I guess I should clarify a few things: Your points are well taken and I agree, for more steady higher output power, I would use solar, or a genny after reading your explanations. My thoughts behind this kit though, is something that I can throw on my pack, with relatively low weight, and hike it...
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    Portable wind power! Just went ahead and pre-ordered 2 of these puppies. I was thinking of doing a more solar based power setup until I found this web site. With the weight of this unit, coupled with the fact that I live in a not-so-sunshiny area (Northwest Washington), this...
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    Pelican cases: Chuck your old laptop bag in the trash!

    Excellent point about over stuffing! Actually didnt think to mention that! Thank you!
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    Pelican cases: Chuck your old laptop bag in the trash!

    So Like some people, I usually bring my laptop with me on any trip I go on. If I need to dump files from my camera, it sure comes in handy. Coupled with a battery pack and my solar panels, it makes for a fun night time editing session when the rest of the camp has gone to bed. If you are like...
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    Show your Thumper!!

    Blue Mountain Trip: Friendly Surprise
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    International Scout 1964 80/800

    Exactly what I needed to hear! :D Thank you, everyone! On the island there is nothing too advanced that would be too difficult to conquer. But I will take a look into the Dana! Oh, quick question if you wouldn't mind answering! I'm looking into rooftop tents, and there are two main ones on the...
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    International Scout 1964 80/800

    Has anyone in this forum, ever owned or just driven an international Scout 80/800? You know the car that the iconic Ford Bronco was inspired from. The specs are 4.4L V8, with a 3 speed manual transmission and 154 hp. The car looks like a tank, and I have always been interested in getting an old...
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    What's your dream rig?

    If you have ever watched MadTV back in the 2000's, Stuarts mom and the sounds that she makes... ughhhhhhhh is what is coming out of my mouth looking at the photo in 'Clutch's' Post! I'm surprised not to see any 4runners tho! C'mon people where's the love?
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    What's your dream rig?

    Ooooo the 94' trophy Tundra. I do believe that would be considered a classic now :) what a sweet ride though. @scottc - Haha if only I had the money. I feel like I'd have a little too much fun with one of those. The sticker price should come with 5 free waived speeding ticket vouchers :P
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    What's your dream rig? I'm in love with these trucks, especially when they are decked out like this. Too much time ogling them makes me want to spend all the moneyz! What is your dream off road Toyota?
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    New 2016 Titan Released

    That's exactly what I was thinking. The roof and cab look like a Dodge, while the grill IMO looks like a Ford grill. It's strange because Nissan's car division has a very unique styling. Those awful headlights though, Could they be any bigger?
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    What's your number one most useful cooking item?

    Did you get yours from LL Bean...
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    Riding Trails in America/ Canada?

    You got it! :) That is something is on the bucket list that we have always wanted to do!
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    Upgrades Upgrades!!

    Ready to put a wide ratio five speed, new crank and new 13.5:1 390 big bore. Well the 390 isn't that new, just a refresh. With a remap of the FI I should be up around 50 - 54 HP I think, but I'm really looking for more torque not HP, not sure I'm even going to like it but it'll be fun to build...
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    I need some MAJOR help!!!!

    dooo it... dooo ittt! (voice of reason)
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    What's your number one most useful cooking item?

    If you ever go fishing I found this wonderful knife sharpener! These are super handy!
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    What's your number one most useful cooking item?

    SMART = getting the wife coffee first! :) Good Man! Now did you buy this from the Stansport website, or did you get on a deal from another location such as Cabelas, or the Bass Pro Shop?
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    What's your number one most useful cooking item?

    I'm interested to hear about people's number one item that they find themselves using in their camp kitchens. I received a Kelly Kettle a few years back for Christmas. It came with all the attachments for use as a stove, kettle, and a device to heat soup and such. The thing about it is that it...
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    Simple power upgrades for a Nissan?

    Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like Forced induction is the way to go then... I'll check out some of the sources you've mentioned and see if there is anything else I can do. I like the idea of the tuner and based off of your replies, I'm going to think about sticking with a small upgrade...