1981 G-Wag 280GE

In my travels I have come across a 1981 G that is sitting beside a business. The truck hasn't been licensed since 2005. It appears to be in pretty good shape with just a touch of rust by the rear door sill. The front brake is hanging from the front bumper where it looks like someone left it after trying to fix it. The front bumper is a little tweeked but nothing too bad. Otherwise it appears to be a pretty nice truck.

Who has one of these rigs? Anything to look for? What types of prices are these things going for? I saw that ARB has a front bumper for it and you can get a small lift from a different set of springs. Hannibal has a roof rack/tent for it. Other then that I really haven't seen anything on the net about them.

Thinking of tossing the owner a low offer to get it out of the parking space before it snows and he has to plow around it! :wings: :REOutCampFire03:


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I can't give you a whole lot of specifics on them but I looked at a 280 that was in Traverse City, MI at the Mercedes dealer a few years ago. It had around 90,000 miles on the clock. The frame and body were in good shape other then a bit of rust on the rear wheel wells starting to bubble. Sounds similar condition/wise to the one you are talking about. They were asking $13k at the time and seemed pretty firm on it. Great trucks though. From the info I gathered about them, it would make for a fantastic overlanding rig. I really like the room inside and they are tough as nails. I seem to remember that lifts big enough to run 33's were pretty spendy though.


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hinoranger said:
Lot's of G-wagen sites out there but here's one that I like, lot's of discussion of older trucks:


And- where is this truck? I promise not to buy it out from under you :REOutArchery02:

It was a few years ago at the Mercedes dealership in Traverse City. It was there for about 6 months before it vanished. I see them pop up on ebay occasionally.

Thanks for the link. Already had that one bookmarked because of my lust for the Unimog... That is by far the best forum for the G. I have seen the other web pages on the G but it is usually pretty sporadic or some crazy Russian off-road site.

I don't even see enough of them on Ebay or the auto selling sites to know what a good offer would be... All I know is it'll be low to the point of almost being embarrassing! Hey what can you say? I'm cheap and it hasn't been on the road for almost 3 years! :) :peepwall:

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