2015 Taco "build"


I picked this up a little over a year ago, didn't really do much to it except put a tonneau cover on it and install the emissions pump filter. Took it on a few camping trips, a trip to the coast, and an emergency trip to California after my sister totaled her car on vacation. Its been a good rig except for the front suspension squeak that i have yet to do anything about.

My son is in scouts and I am a scoutmaster, I am also a member of Veteran Overland, so we do quite a bit of camping. I had bought an older suburban recently and was building it for overlanding and hauling scouts but plans have changed on that so I have a few parts (radios, 200W solar setup, etc.) from there that will make it into this rig.

Here is basically how it started over a year ago besides adding the hood hinge mounted Rigid D2 ditch lights. This is after removing the tonneau cover. the wheels were plasti-dipped when i got it and i just haven't bothered to clean it off yet.

I had been looking for a fiberglass canopy for a while and in my area can find 6' ones all day long for a few hundred bucks but the 5 footers are always hours away, or $1500 plus or if they're in the $500 range they are missing the back windows or beat to hell.

I had thought about a soft topper but wanted to be able to mount stuff on top of it, then I found WildTop truck caps out of Australia.

Most install/review videos you find for them are Gladiator owners, the couple Tacoma installs i found mentioned the mounting bracket holes being drilled in the wrong place to mount to the bed rail tie down. Well mine was drilled in the right spot there but the top of that bracket was drilled in the wrong spots, I just enlarged the holes and the rest of the install went perfect.

Installed a CB and a GMRS radio after removing the cubby and moving the switches the previous owner had tucked in there.

Used a Rago Fabrication tailgate mount for the CB, I should have planned that out better and gotten a passenger side mount because now the antenna is in the way of installing/using my 270 degree awning I have. My solution instead of buying another mount is getting an antenna quick disconnect and just removing the antenna when I use the awning.

I have a cargo basket to mount on the rack but have to build my own mounts because the ones that came with it wont work on the WildTop mounting bars and need to make mounts for the awning.

And just because it was too much of a blank white canvas, it needed a little flair


most of this was done in the last week getting ready for another camping trip next weekend. Things I am trying to get done in the next 5 days in 100+ degree weather is install some lights inside the topper, mount the awning and basket, make a fridge slide out for my setpower fridge.


Little more work done over the weekend when I wasnt hiding from the 100+ degree weather

Got an amazon cargo basket mounted



Then got my old overland pros 270 degree awning mounted

Started building a fridge slide but may not get it finished for camping this weekend.


I'm out there last night drilling holes in the brand new rack, the wife comes out, "you're modifying it already? its brand new" like she's never met me before lol.


I did some beadroll on the panel and folded one side over hoping it would be stiff enough... its not. I am gonna have to modify it some more.


only had about 45 minutes last night between the temps cooling off and it getting to dark to work without a light, when the light came out so did the bugs.



Thursday after work I headed out for a solo camping night, and also to claim a camping spot to bring the scouts back up Friday morning.


the spot I wanted was already taken but I made due



A nice dinner using the tripod torch


Jalapeno cheddar brats, nectarines, Pendleton whiskey and coke


Then it was time to bring the scouts up


Saturday we explored a cave

played in snow

and went swimming

They all decided they would like to camp there again.


This last weekend while out camping, I bottomed out the rear suspension several times. I plan on building a rear bumper with swing outs and a front bumper with winch and the bottoming out would only get worse. Today i ordered an OME 2" lift with 4002 coils, 93000 shocks and 660lbs Dakar leaf springs. should be quite an improvement over the old clapped out suspension.

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