Adventure Trailer Horizon #183 FS $17,500

James Pierce

The AT Horizon was one of the first true off-road camping trailer to hit the market here in the US. Our 2010 model, No. 183 provided Brandy and I the opportunity to explore some of the most remote regions in the central United States in comfort, going anywhere our 2012 Rubicon went. It is by far one of the most capable off-road trailers available. No. 183 has been a part of our lives since 2015, it will be difficult to see him go, but it is time. We are selling him completely ready to hit the trail including 50L Dual Zone National Luna Stainless Steel Fridge, large Eezi-Awn folding table, Cook Partner Stove, 2ea Septer 5gal water cans, Aqua Cube Hot Water Shower, and Front Runner Camp Fire Grill.

During our ownership I used the trailer to create several of the products we sold. A few of those items included in this sale are custom stainless steel folding awning brackets allowing the installation of the Alu Cab 270 Shadow Awning and custom fridge box and slide including our cable management system.

Additional modifications were made to improve function and ease of use such as a stainless steel water spigot, custom Bulldog jack with caster, coiling 7 way trailer cord, extended trailer tongue so you can open the rear door of your tow vehicle, custom tire carrier and custom roof rack which allowed the installation of an Eezi-Awn Globe Trotter Tent with custom mount which houses a Council Axe and Eezi-Awn Table. The rack is built with a perimeter rail that protects the tent should the trailer be tipped on its side or rub up against a tree. Fortunately we never had the opportunity to test it out!

No. 183 rides on TASS Air bags, Steel Jeep Wheels with a JK 5 on 5 bolt pattern, and 35” Cooper Mud Terrain Tires. If you would like to provide your own tire and wheel package we can negotiate that into the price and I will retain the current tires and wheels. The spare tire bracket is fully adjustable for different backspacing.

Trailer includes an onboard power w/ shore charger. The battery was replaced in 2022. I set it up for dual batteries and ran them for a time but ended up pulling one and never replaced it. The mount is still there. The trailer is equipped with a solar charger but I do not have any panels.

The trailer has a 19 gallon on board water tank and hand pump faucet with sink and 10 additional gallons provided by the two Septor Jerry Cans.

When not in use No. 183 has been stored inside at all times and it shows.

I will add more photo’s and links as I find them over the next few days.


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I bought one of your folding awning brackets for my horizon trailer many years ago. Good luck on the sale. I sold mine a few years ago to go another route but sort of wish I still had it instead of the old PackMule trailer I also have. But camping configurations & priorities change. This is a great trailer from AT Overland.

James Pierce

Custom Axe Mount
Custom Jack
Custom Stainless Steel Spigot w/ Stainless Steel Guard
Custom Stainless Steel Folding Awning brackets
Custom Tent Rack


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