Cheap Chinese Equipment

What do you think about this and products and businesses like this?

  • They hurt the overlanding community.

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  • They help the overlanding community.

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American Leatherman all day every day. Chinese multitools really stink.
Craftsman. Old craftsman. New craftsman and other chinese made tools stink. I'll buy Craftsman off of Craigslist before I buy new, now that it's made in China.

There are many things I can live with being CCC (Communist Chinese Crap) cheap. There are many things I can not. Figure that out as you see fit. For me its concentric circles of "local" and outward, depending on availability and price vs quality.

Every now and then I'm in Tractor Supply or HF and am surprised at what I see is made in US.


I feel about this the same way I do about the same conversation in other realms - if it gets people started in the hobby by removing the initial financial barrier, they'll either have bought a decent product or will have at least gotten into the hobby/space and realized they need something better from a more reputable vendor.


I agree with getting more people out and about but seriously let’s have some more common sense and respect for Mother Nature and others along the way, leaving it better than what we left it.


That's just another reason why America is great: freedom of choice. Just ask any immigrant that came from somewhere where you have no choice. The only choice they have is to buy it or don't. I have been to a few of those places and you could not pay me enough to live there.

And besides, there are plenty of Americans who have bought American and can't get it fixed or are waiting on parts that are on National Backorder, so what is the point ? I personally know someone who has bought a new American truck & has been making payments for 6 months on a truck he can't drive. So again, what's the point. That's the Global Economy that our leaders have pushed down our throats.


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A friend of mine bought a RTT and a truck bed rack to mount it on from "American Made" companies and the bed rack was nothing but trouble from the beginning. First it was missing several parts and some of the mounting hardware and once it was mounted it didn't even make it halfway through a short overnight trip before it broke. Cant imagine a bed rack bought on Alibaba would have been much worse.

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