EarthCruiser Closing Doors

I see a lot of places just saying "closure", and bankruptcy is never mentioned. This is true of EC's announcement as well.

Yeah a wind down under state law may have less publicity. There is no automatic stay over litigation. This option would make the most sense if they expect to make all creditors whole (pay all wages, repay all loans, and deliver all orders). Colloquially there is not that much difference in terms of the cause and effect between bankruptcy and wind down.


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Were sales of the Terranova decent? I don't recall seeing any posted on this site. That one wasn't so expensive, ~$350k.

They also announced a new one last year that was built on an AWD Transit chassis.



We were on their list for one of the first of these when they came out, massively disappointing it won't ever be realized =[


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More like teased than introduced:)
I think he was initially talking about the Evado which was never built. The TerraNova was introduced in mid 2020 as a mod from the EXD which didn't have the cabover bed. I think they made 20 or maybe a bit more of the TerraNova vehicles. I would have bought one of them, but the number of zippers to manage every day seemed too much. Also, the lack of interior storage was a problem. Seemed like it was really solidly built.




Sad to hear this. Earthroamer may be next. With their founder passing away, and the huge amounts of money they pumped into their new designs, and the dropping resale value of preowned ones, it's a tough sell. These companies should have sold themselves during covid at peak. Remember folks, when you own a business and you get a windfall, SELL HIGH. That's what four wheel campers did.

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