Earthroamer on a budget, 4x4 F450 & Bigfoot


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The day has finally come, our adventure rig is now for sale
We've been living and travelling in it full time for the past year. We covered around 30000km from the tip of Yukon to Mexico and created unforgettable memories on the way. Now is your turn to create your own. The whole rig's been heavily modified to fit our needs so be prepared for a long post 🙂

Ford F-450 XL 6.7l
2011, 220000km
4x4, automatic transmission
Crew cab with 10ft long flat bed
No accidents or damage in this truck's entire history, no open recalls, no US history. The truck is registered in BC and never been exported elsewhere. It's quite decent on fuel - 20l / 100km, considering its size and weight
The emission system has beed deleted last year at Bernhausen, Langley. The entire service included: the emissions service, the EGR delete kit, the disaster prevention kit, charge air cooler pipe and cold air intake
The truck is equipped with a swaybar and rear airbags to stabilise the load off road. We've also installed a rear backup camera which helps a lot to park and manoeuvre in tight spaces. Another huge upgrade are LED light bars. There are 5 of them in total, one big 126W and two 18W at the front and two 18W ones at the back of the truck.
Most recent service was done just 2 months ago. We installed new set of all terrain tires (CM986 245/70R19.5), changed engine coolant, oil and all the filters so the truck should be good for a long time. There is also almost new spare tire installed at the front (Continental HDR) in case you ever need it.
There are two storage boxes mounted to the truck's bed as well where we keep all our tools, toys and fire wood. All comes with the rig and it's listed in the last section of this post
There are 4 D-rings welded to the bed frame and we use Torklift S9000 spring loads to secure the camper on the truck. The camper didn't move even once and we've been offroading quite a lot
There is also a key lock box mounted in a hidden spot underneath the bed and 20l steel jerry can mounted on the bed

2001 Bigfoot 30C1011FR
Best in class, 4 season truck camper
New more powerful electric jacks installed by the previous owner as well as complete roof reseal done less 2 years ago
Sleeps 4 as dinette folds down into a bed as well
The camper sits on a heavy duty rubber matt to stabilise the load and protect the wooden bed. It's equipped with two 20lbs LPG tanks. We also installed a gauge on each of them so we can monitor propane level
The camper has been heavily modified, the interior has been repainted so it doesn't have that old camper vibe anymore. A new wooden ceiling has been installed as well as new led lights all around. Also a new bamboo kitchen top with modern sink and water saving tap. We've also built a matching sink cover. All the door handles have been replaced to match the new style. All big appliances are still original, there was no need to replace any of them as they work just fine (2 way fridge, gas stove and oven, microwave, AC, fans)
One of the huge benefits of this camper is its dry bathroom. The countertop and the sink have been replaced to new modern ones, the tap and shower head too. Same as the tap in the kitchen, this is a water saving shower head and it actually saves a ton of water. All's painted white to match the aesthetics. The shower door has also been replaced to more modern looking folding one
Moving to the bedroom, first thing we've upgraded was a mattress. It's the biggest one (10" tall) we could fit there, premium and super comfy. There are roller blinds on both windows and small led lamps with usb ports on each side. We also opted for a 32inch 4k QLED Samsung smart TV, behind which is a small charging station with enough usb and cigarette lighter ports to charge all your small devices. We usually charge our phones and gopros there and we also use it to power our dehumidifier (which can run on both AC and DC power)
Now my favourite, electrical system. This camper has 4 independent sources of power. Shore power which can be hooked to 15A or 30A plugs and LPG generator which we never use because we also installed a new Victron system which gives us another two power options: solar and alternator charging. I'm happy to share our electrical diagram and walk you through the whole system but I'll keep it for any potential new owners and I'll keep it fairly simple here. 100% of our electricity needs are met thanks to the new system. We have 440W of solar mounted on the roof, 30A DC to DC charger (which charges our batteries from truck's alternator), 2000VA inverter charger and two 206Ah SOK lithium iron batteries. All stats and flow of power is visible via small battery monitor in the kitchen or on your mobile device. This system just works and produces more power than you need to stay off grid for as long as you want
Plenty of storage inside and outside (the large under storage compartment is perfect for snowboards, fishing rods, rug and other miscellaneous items).

Probably too many to list it all. We're leaving everything as it is so you don't need to worry about buying new pots or pans. All the kitchen utensils, chopping boards, plates and bowls stay in the camper. Ninja blender, skillet, kettle, food containers and organisers stay as well. 4 pillows and 2 warm comforters too
2 space heaters and dehumidifier. Charging station behind the TV
All our camping stuff, 2 chairs and a small table. Cast iron dutch oven and over fire grill. Huge outdoor rug which fits perfectly under the side awning (there is a small back awning too). Camping solar lantern and more
Tons of tools. The entire tool box which contains: an axe, folding saw, folding shovel, 40 piece drive socket set, drill and drill bits, hydraulic lug crimper, cable cutter, crimping tool, tire pressure gauge, levelling blocks, air compressor, ratchet straps and more
Plenty of spare and unused parts like outside and inside LED lights, security cameras and other random parts and hardware
We also installed a magnetic insulated door curtain to keep the cold outside during the cold Canadian winter
Long water hose and even longer extension cord inflatable double kayak !!!

We know how difficult it is to find a rig like this and how much extra planning this might require, especially if you're coming here from a different part of the world
We'll be coming back to the UK second half of August and this is when our expedition rig is gonna be available
Feel free to message me if you have any questions and if you're seriously interested
This is a package, not for individual sale

West Vancouver
$110,000 CAD OBO ($80,000 USD)

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