F-350 4WD Tiger Camper, SOLD


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I am interested and tried to send you a direct message. I recieve an error that "This member limits who may view their full profile."
I apologize for that.

I’m not sure what the obstacle was for you because I’ve gotten DM’s regarding this sale post from about @12 different Expo members, so please check your private messages again.

I’d recommend you contacting me today or tomorrow as interest from potential buyers is really heating up.
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Officious Intermeddler
Just another FWIW about the mechanical health of the rig…we do have to smog check heavy duty vehicles in Tucson every year. We took the Tiger out of storage in the fall for its annual exam and it passed the emissions test without any issues being noted.
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Can we ask how you handled the final sale. I'm sure you had 15 or so offers. Did you do a Zoom call with all the bidders ?
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Certainly ⬆️ I’m not tech savvy or apps oriented so I wasn’t set up for zooming. We had 21 different interested potential buyers contact us. I tried to make sure that I updated each one daily from about last Wednesday on.

We showed the rig first to several people nearby in state as they were close enough to come see it without flying in to town.

But a well informed guy who seemed to really know what he wanted and who had persistently and politely been DM’ing me since day one about his interest in the rig grabbed a red eye and flew into town to get it.

He was the one out of state buyer who had expressed the highest, continued level of interest in and knowledge of the camper.

We didn’t ask him for a deposit to hold it because we wanted him to be able to change his mind without penalty (other than the cost of his airfare) if seeing it in person created any doubts.

And we also felt no deposit was necessary because we had several other people lined up immediately behind him, any one of whom probably would have bought it.
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