For Sale: Overkill Campers S.O. 5.10 Pop Top Camper - Bend, OR


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Location: Bend, Oregon

We put a deposit down for this camper in early 2021 and received the camper in February 2023. During this two year time period our travel style changed and as a result we are selling the camper. The camper has been used 5 times by us personally for weekend adventures and has otherwise been stored in our garage. We are not affiliated with Overkill Campers in any way.


Pretty much a fully loaded Overkill Camper SO 5.10 Pop Top, There are a lot of things that this camper has, and I'll try and outline them as best as I can. It has an instant hot water, diesel heater, outdoor shower, Glycol line heated floors, 90L Iceco dual zone fridge/freezer, pull out galley kitchen with sink and water, water pump, Partner Steel propane stove, 2 Zarges cases, 185 watts of solar, 300ah lithium batteries, solar charge controller, 1000w inverter, most of the electric components are Victron. 33" Tires, on Timbren 3500HD axel-less suspension, Electric trailer brakes, Spare tire and carrier, roof cross bars, large storage box, OVS Nomadic 270 awning. Rock lights under the camper, 4 BD lights on all corners. Loads of storage on the interior and in the galley.

Price: $39,000 obo

Known Problems: None
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This have the Aluminum frame instead of their old steel frame?

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I strongly considered this, and then the drama unsold me. It still looks amazing.
Agreed. If it has the aluminum frame, I'd stay faaaaaar faaaar way. They used too small of a gauged aluminum which has caused flexing and caused many of the parts to fail. Countless instances of this happening. Hoping this one has the steel frame, been looking for a while.

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