Grenadier OWNERS Thread - Answers by Owners to questions from Everyone Else!


What dealer? Much more info online on these than I would expect from any dealer, even the selling dealer, at this point. There is a Grenadier Forum and lots of knowledge there. A close friend of mine has been thrashing one for a few months now. He ordered early and picked up in Atlanta. He's had to be back one time for a software fix and hitch install (which was unavailable when he took delivery).

I've had his truck on my lift and though I'm unfamiliar with all of it's specifics it is incredibly overbuilt underneath. It's heavy, everything is thick, everything has been much better thought out under there than the klugy Euro interior with it's lousy sound system and two cup holders, but that's the American in me speaking. It's a damn fine vehicle. I've logged a couple hours offroad with it so far and it's the quietest, smoothest and most stable off-the-shelf offroader I've ever been in. The drivetrain is sublime, assuming it stays that way for a couple hundred thousand miles.

Not a fanboy. It's a $90k weird new truck, unproven in every way. But I like a lot of things about it a lot.
It was a dealer in Oregon, near Portland I believe, I was at an offsite event not sure exactly where they are located.

I hear from a lot of people its "overbuilt" but honestly, until I see specs I'm going to be side eyeing those claims....not right or wrong, just want to see and understand for myself relative to some known / proven vehicles and their corresponding specs. I crawled under the thing and qualitatively - 100% agree, looks the part.

We have a B58 engine in our X5 and it's nice, smooth, easy to drive and for us it's been rock solid reliable over it's 60k miles.


My buddy finally hooked up his 4kish travel trailer and towed a couple thousand miles. This was a big reason he bought the Grenadier, as a capable tow vehicle as well as capable offroader, and he said it shined in every way. A modern turbocharged V6 with good software and the 8 speed should be good, and he says it was. Unfortunately I was not in the vehicle but he's a good friend and a sharp guy and I trust his feedback. He used cruise set at 78 for a lot of the journey and the Gren towed with ease in the hilly Appalachians and got 11 mpg doing so. Not bad, really. 4k isn't that heavy but it's a big EcoPro (?) white box camper.

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