Hierarchy of hard sided campers that handle the snow/winter?


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Sorry can’t go too deep into details as this now with our Lawyers. But I can summarize what happened to avoid the wrong rumours from spreading.
For the last two years, while working with us in a wholesale/trusted builder relationship OAT and DDG formed an alliance to secretly develop their own Pultrusions and panel system. Anyone looking at their “new system” will clearly see the straight copy of our IP and technical designs.
All at the same we were kept in the dark, referring customers to them and assumed it’s business as usual. This includes sharing trade secrets, material testing results, upcoming new products etc.
At the same time they had the guts to approach current and potential customers hoping to get their business.

In any case, if you heart anything else from them, be your own judge …… or reach out to us per email or pm. The last thing we are asking for is a turmoil in this fairly small industry.

Cheers and thank you all for your kind responses we received already.

Wait, do you still do big flatbed campers? I thought you only did weird slide in campers.

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