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The Magna Steyr company in Austria builds small runs of vehicles for several European and American manufacturers. For example, Magna Steyr helped Mercedes develop the Geländewagen, and assembled many G-class vehicles. Magna Steyr builds the diesel Grand Cherokee, Commander, and Liberty models for Jeep. Magna Steyr built the original X3 SUV for BMW. And Magna Steyr was chosen by BMW to build the AWD version of the Mini, to be called the Crossman.

So it's no surprise that BMW and Mercedes have expressed interest in a new off-road prototype that Magna Steyr showed at the recent Geneva auto show. It's called the MILA Alpin.


The concept has 4x4 and seats 4 in what is described as a "3+1" seating arrangment. I take this to mean 3 seats across the front, with one behind. I have not seen photos of this unusual interior arrangment. I presume the rear is primarily cargo space, with the a jump seat for a temporary passenger. The cutlines on the side of the vehicle suggest a large gullwing door

The MILA Alpin is a working prototype, able to climb a 45 degree angle (that's a 100% grade, one foot up for every one foot forward). The show vehicle is powered by a CNG engine that sits below the rear seat and in front of the rear wheels. Other power options include a gasoline/electric hybrid, and a supercharged gasoline engine. All meet Europe's stringent emissions requirements.

MILA stands for "Magna Innovation Lightweight Auto." The first prototype, introduced in 2005, was a track-day sports model that shared the mid engine design and CNG powerplant. The MILA Alpin is a more practical design that could be stretched or shrunk to create a multitude of models. I can see delivery van and pickup truck versions, too.

Magna Steyr is seeking partnerships with multiple auto manufacturers to develop versions of their MILA technology. MILA is designed for simple modular construction, making it possible to efficiently produce a variety of configurations.

Given the interest expressed in the Smart car (the 2008 models essentially sold out in USA and Canada before delivery started), and with gas prices rising with no end in sight, it's possible that vehicles based on the MILA Alpin could find their way to USA.

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I for one think it looks kinda neat... Honestly it reminds me of a futuristic Mitsu 4x4 Van (the name escapes me). THere have been quite a few of these little "big cube" or somwhat van-ish 4x4's on the show circut in the last couple years. Unfortunatly nobody ever produces these cool little buggers, the Suzuki show truck a year or so ago had portal axles underneath it!!!!!!!

Cool find Haven Thanks...




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NICE!!!! The DIhatsu was the one I was trying to think of. I love the Dh bike carrier aspect being a pretty avid Free-Rider and amatuer DH Racer... PLus it just looks like a swet little 4x4 eh.

The Suzi is great too, I like the bed side storage Idea, there's alot of wasted space in a P/U bed.

Yet another sweet post, thanks Haven.



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