Northern Death Valley Road Conditions 2023 ???

The forum for the Saline Valley Preservation Association has a few road forums with conditions frequently updated ... as long as its around Saline Valley.



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Can anyone that has been to DV in the last few weeks post any info? I'm spending all next week there, curious about current conditions. Saline Valley looks like it's out for me.


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Goler wash, Mengel Pass, Striped Butte and Warm Springs to West Side Road ARE passable at this current time (9 March). They have been washed out/rutted/and some minor re-routing by Mother Nature recently but Jeeps, FJ's (us) have traversed it. West Side road is open but is pretty rutted up. The National Park does not post conditions of the route due to it being a back country off road route, they do not regularly send rangers to survey the route and rely on information from trekkers and off roaders. When we asked the rangers about the condition of Titus Canyon they frowned and said it could possibly be the end of the season before its officially declared open due to the back to back storms and wash outs. Hope this helps.

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Can anyone that has been to DV in the last few weeks post any info? I'm spending all next week there, curious about current conditions. Saline Valley looks like it's out for me.

My brother was out wheeling a week or so ago and mentioned that South Pass was getting plowed. He spoke to the crew who was removing up to four foot drifts in order to "help" folks who had been in Saline for two weeks. So, it's likely cleared. Haven't heard how the Steele Pass steps look after the winter rains.

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South pass is inaccessible at the moment. After the plow came through and dug out the stuck land cruiser, it continued down through the snow clearing out the canyon. Since then, it has snowed again and at the Panamant overlook near Hunter Mountain Road there has been significant rock fall. Getting out two days ago required boulder moving and navigating severe washouts in the canyon below. That party was a Jeep on 35's and required both lockers to get through the Panamant Overlook, the other was a Ram 2500, lifted and required a ton of work to get it through. Mud is bad everywhere. Photos about show hi-lifts and winches being used. Chains are a strong recommendation to have with you. Its slated to snow tonight through Thursday AM, further deteriorating South Pass (3/28/23 writing this).

From all of the old-timers in the valley as well as the camp host out there, the preferred road into and out of the valley as of right now is Lippencott - which is in its usual trashy shape. Steel is the other option but is opined to be more difficult than Lippencott at the moment. South Pass grapevine canyon is currently tore up a bit with washouts and rock fall. Saline is a 4x4 high-clearance endeavor at the moment. There is a party stuck in there for the past 3 weeks with 2wd and no idea of when they'll be able to leave. Reports of a van exiting on the 20th, but that was the last 2wd that attempted. Camp host exited yesterday for supplies and is on his way back in today as I write this.

I'll be heading in the Monday after Easter from either Steel or Lippencott.

[Edits:::] I'll attempt South pass, perhaps if there is a decent road report, else I'll attempt a look-see / punch through exiting the valley. I assume and presume there's going to be a little pressure placed on S. Pass for Easter weekend. There may be an uptick of reliable road reports after this week's storm has passed and things have settled. I surmise a look will occur this weekend by a few, if not attempts to break through. More to follow on this remote section of the park. Also, a few aircraft have landed at the bush strip {i know the name...}, so the folks currently stuck are being attended to and supported.
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South pass is now clear and t he stuck Subaru and rwd van have both made it out per a post on SPA. I'm quite interested to hear how North pass is doing.

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