possible start for fuso rig?


im not sure how many different models of fuso's there are but i stumbled across this on my local craigslist and didnt know how it compares to something new. For $11k it could be an affordable start for someone in the position to start a build. Plus make a few bucks back by selling that dump bed. Id like to think it will go to a good home where it can spend its life traveling the world!!!:smiley_drive:


Also, whats the fuel economy on those 4 cyl diesel motors?


The only Fwd model imported is the FG with either a 109 or 133 in wb. This appears to be a 109 in wb with a gvw of 12,000 lbs.

The same wb as a jeep grand cherokee but with a payload of 6500 lbs after you remove the dump body and snow plow gear.

It's probably a 1999 mfg'd in 1998. They imported them up to 93 and then from 1999 on. I have a 93.

The 99 has an intercooled turbo, an exhaust brake, 2 spd transfer case, hubs, vacuum assisted hydraulic drum brakes - not air brakes, no sway bars, a 61:1 crawl ratio, probably an electric block heater and maybe a limited slip rear axle.

The specs are in the literature section of www.mitfuso.com

I get 15-17 mpg with my 93 and after moving the 2 batteries and mounting another fuel tank on the drivers side had a range of 900 - 1000 mi.

The frame is very flexible and a flexible mount for the camper would be a good idea. I didn't use one and my box started to loosen and leak after 10 years. Too stiff a mount will limit frame twist and wheel articulation.

106k isn't bad, mine has 110k and hasn't needed anything but normal service, tires and an A/C condensor fan.

The owner's manual shows a service schedule for 250k and all the mechanics that have serviced mine say they go 350k before needing any engine work.

A commercially owned unit that was used for landscaping in the summer and plowing in the winter might show more wear.

I agree, I hope it goes to a good home.

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