*PRICE REDUCED* 2021 EarthCruiser FX with less than 9500 miles - SOLD!

I do have many pictures in a cloud link from the original owner. Just message me if you would like to see them.
The Garmin Overlander GPS seen in the original pics on the dash was removed (not by me) but one can be reinstalled in the same dash location.

I also see that it says I am a 'new member' under my name....I have been lurking here since 2011 - I just don't post much and choose to lurk/read/learn.

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Very nice. Were any upgrades done by you or previous owners if you know? Who will be doing your maintenance work now since EC is closing? I am guessing that the warranties have expired. Also how many and what size batteries are included? Thank You
No upgrades that I am aware of - This is the 'Omega' version, which had all the upgrades available at the time I believe.

The house batteries are (2) 270Ah AGM MasterVolt batteries.

The warranties have expired last fall. I don't think anyone knows who will service the units until the dust settles on EC. But there is a pretty good network of folks out there with these, as well as Expedition Portal folks. The systems (cooktop, furnace/waterheater, solar etc) are higher end RV and marine units. The individual manufactures of these units can help trouble shoot, and marine/RV places which sell vehicles/boats with these systems can service them. Damage to the body can be repaired by marine places.

Thanks for the interest!


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Unfortunately, this magnificent vehicle is a bit above my pay grade. Having said that, I would like to salute the owner for a well written ad and a kind heart. The snarkiness of some of the replies here is embarassing. Best of luck with the sale. Should I win Lotto I'll be in touch. ;)


Not sure if and how much that would cost to make it a real out/back adventurer.
If you’re seriously looking for a vehicle this product will take your much further than you’re likely wanting to go. In other words the driver will bail before the vehicle when operated in a safe and prudent manner.

Perhaps this is a learning moment for me in spite of my 50+ years of off-roading.

It’s not a rock crawler, can you please explain why a two-speed transfer case is something you feel is required and necessary for someone not to consider as this is a beautiful example of an EC?

To the OP, here’s a bump and GLWS.


To the OP

Some sad people have nothing else to do but to come on here and pick apart peoples vehicles that are for sale.

The posers have absolutely zero intent on ever buying anything but like to throw turds on the ads to feel like authorities. Its a sad part of the internet that hopefully the moderators can put a stop to.
Your rig is awesome and a deal for someone looking for a Diesel EC. My advice would be to not respond to their posts.
I agree!
My All Terrain Warrior Alpha Camper is '15 model MITSU FUSO FG72S chassis but was sold to us brand new in 2017 by Sportsmobile West which is also listed here on the portal.


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Does this have seatbelts in the camper for passengers?

Also does anybody have any idea how these are for tall people? I an 6’6 and I’ve never been in a fuso.

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