Proper Pitman Arm for 2000 Ford E350 Quigley


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Can anyone recommend the proper pitman arm for a 2000 Ford E350 Quigley? I just converted my van last week using donor parts from a 2002 E350, and unfortunately the donor van had a pitman arm with a narrower spline circle. My van has a steering box with 36 splines and keyways that measures 33 mm diameter, but the donor van had a steering box with 36 splines, no keyways, and only measures 30 mm diameter. I ended up just putting my stock pitman arm back on for the time being, but my turning radius is atrocious and the van has some bump steer issues. I contacted quigley, but they haven't been super helpful yet. Thanks!


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Can you convert the 2002 steering box. Id it was a Quigley then they are very helpful when you give them the vin number of their conversion. They have a parts list for that.. for future repairs / owners it is easiest if all stays the same. So don't forget to get their door sticker and or vin number of the donor.

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On my 96 Quigley conversion I needed all the tie rod, ends and drag links. Called Quigley with my vin and they had the parts. Wanted $500 and would not tell me what they came off. Yes they use a combination of OEM parts. Question is what are they.

Luckily I took my old stuff down to my local GOOD buddy at NAPA. Took him a couple days but I got all the new MOOG stuff. Only cost $160 bucks, YES only $160 bucks. What a fricken rip off Quigley. Don't remember exactly what it was but some Dodge stuff with a Chevy link and Ford ends to fit the spindles.

Take that pitman arm down and have the guy match it up. If you have a good parts guy around. Cause I bet quigley didn't custom make a arm.


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Quigley has always been great about sharing part numbers and sending me the diagrams etc. They may upcharge a lot on some parts direct from them but they’ve never held me captive so to speak and I’ve gotten a lot of parts when need much as you did.


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My 95 Quigley DRW uses all OBS F350 stuff up front, and the stock E350 pitman arm. Perhaps the SRW vans are a different beast.

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