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I recently changed from a 1500 Express to a 3500 Express. The new express has a Quigley factory LIFS 3" lift. I am not super happy with the drive quality of the van. I realize that a 3500 will drive different than a 1500, but I am also considering removing the lift. When I asked Quigley tech support what goes into the lift they install they acted like I had 2 heads and had asked to see their mothers underwear.

Does anyone have any experience undoing the 3" LIFS kit? Or any recommendations on improving the drive quality of a Quigley LIFS?


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I have what was an unlifted Quigley, wouldn't recommend, not enough suspension travel. I had a lift, 4-5", done by Weldtec Design, much better.

You could try calling Weldtec.

In a lot of ways similiar. I do know my rear springs are built for weight and progressive. I don't really know what is different up front other than Fox shocks. My van with Weldtec lift has been serviced by Quigley and I have looked at both. There is a small difference in subframe design, Weldtec has a lip where the lower control arms mount that doesn't help, just a design difference. Torsion system was not changed. Weltec's lift has spindle/knuckle, new subframe, repositioned differential, shocks, sway bar end links plus other parts you may add.


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i would consider a shock upgrade before doing something that drastic. They can be made to ride really well in my opinion with the right shocks and yes, a custom leaf pack in the rear does wonders. Can you describe what you don’t like about the ride a little bit more?


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It drives incredibly soft. The steering is not very responsive, and it has a tendency to wander and pull with the road. I know that to some extent the difference of switching from a 1500 to a 3500 will make a difference in the drive quality, but I drive a 2016 3500 for work and it drives exponentially better than the van currently does.

It currently has the quigley installed skyjacker shocks and what I assume is the stock leaf pack.


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I think you can remedy that. Start with new shocks and then Id also look into new front bump stops. They are pretty inexpensive and can make a difference as they are a more active part of the front suspension than most realize In these. I’d recommend sumo springs.

Next would be the rear leaf pack but im not sure it would make the van feel more firm. It’ll make it more plush though for sure and more settled over dips and bumps. Last thing would be replacing the front torsion bars. Depending on how old your van is they may have gotten pretty soft. Torsion bars can also be found at a fairly reasonable price.


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Oh and check the joints on your control arms and tie rods. When those get worn and loose it can certainly result in a loose, wandering feeling.


My 3500 Quigley Express van rides much softer with Load range C tires versus the stock E range. (I upgraded the size so the capacity is close to the same....and I don't tow heavy items).

However, it sounds like your ride is too soft? I wonder if the suspension parts are warn? rear sway bar installed?

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