Roughin it in a Mercedes


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haven said:
Not seen in the photos is the chase vehicle that followed Jim Rogers on his travels. It was a truck with a mechanic and lots of spares, plus a guide who spoke the local language.

Money may not be able to buy happiness, but money can rent happiness for a while.

Chip Haven

Not seen behind the chase vehicle is the tour bus he bought in cash off Milli Vanilli after the stupid cd skipped on them and caused them to go tits up. It follows them on parrallel roads, so the mercedes doesn't travel more than an hour or so away from pavement, allowing them to make it back to the bus in time each night for dinner by Pierre Monfrere, the gourmet chef on board the bus.

I heard he is in contract negotiations with OJ simpson to drive the bus for the next world tour, as OJ has verifiable experience with driving 30-40mph for extended lengths of time, and is available for rent. Gary Coleman has already signed up to serve cocktails from the bar located in the mercede's trailer.

Who says money isn't everything?

Tucson T4R

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Incusus said:
Thats the second time you've mentioned that. Personally, I say all the more power to him. I'll travel according to my budget, let him travel according to his.


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