Sedole's Gen 3 - the Iron Hog


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got it! I didn't know the passenger seat would fold down that far! very cool i thought this was only on Gen 2s

The owners manual of my newly acquired 2001 Montero Limited has a page about removing the head rests in the front and folding everything flat, kind of flat LOL


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Little bit of maintenance and a little bit of rig enjoyment. Swaybar endlinks and bushings to replace the tired oem rubber and junky clunking mevotech units I had in previously. No more clunking! (y) Went with Moog parts (555) for both. The little cv boot repair I did also started leaking again so finally got that done properly too.




Also, since I replaced the passenger side rear cam seal, the driver has now started leaking profusely. I think. Before I tore everything down it seemed like that's where it was coming from, but when I had it off, it wasn't as grimy as I'd have expected with how much oil I had been using. But it was very grimy below this. So hopefully this fixes it. Also swapped the PCV and gasket as well. The dang thing broke off when I removed it (old and brittle), so I had to pull the valve cover to get the fallen bit out. On the bright side, that made reinstalling the rear cam seal much easier. Instead of using rtv, I cut a gasket out of some hi-temp rubber fiber gasket sheet. Much neater and should hopefully be leak free. Also put a new o-ring onto the cam sensor for good measure.




Other than that, rig has been great! I always track my fuel economy and since moving to CO (about 4,000 miles driven so far) I've been averaging 15mpg on the nose, pretty even 50/50 split. That's pretty dang good for a lifted 2000's 4x4 on 34s and 4.90s with a not very aerodynamic front bumper! I plan on getting some light weight (shedding 6-7 lbs per wheel) flow-formed wheels too which should help even more. I think this setup is just about perfect for these rigs. The only thing that would be even better is if BFG came out with a load C tire in the same size for the lighter weight. And the rpms are pretty acceptable at highway speeds to boot! 3100rpm at 80mph! Though I usually hold 68 at highway speeds during my normal driving. And the speedo is dead accurate because of the yellow-box speedo corrector I have installed.





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New wheels on the rig! I had my eyes on the Konig Six Shooters which weigh 21 lbs each, but they're always out of stock and I just happened to see a killer deal on some 4runner TRD pro wheels so I pulled the trigger. These are not as light, 25.9 lbs on my bathroom scale, but still a bit lighter than the sr5 wheels I had. 28.5 lbs on the scale. They also have better specs for the tires I run: 17x7 and 4mm offset as opposed to 17x8 and 0mm offset. While not as light, TRD definitely makes a good product so they should have no problems at all off road. And I just couldn't turn them down for the price. Anyways, pics:





No real noticeable difference other than looks. Definitely more stable on the 270 degree on ramp on my daily commute. Maybe slightly more agile feeling from a stop...maybe. At 2.5 lbs lighter per corner I don't think it will have a huge effect on mpg, but it certainly can't hurt.

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