Starlink Mini Portable Dish With Integrated Wi-Fi Router


Starlink certainly seems to price by market location and availability of bandwidth in that market.

Currently offering $200 off the kit price in certain low subscription markets in the US.

My use case is out of cellular coverage, basic email and texting, feed my maps on the tablet, etc. I don't need to zoom, or upload mega files for social media.

I would like to have in movement use, little higher data plan than 50GB, and ability to be in Canada for say a month or so.

Hopefully after this initial start they change this up a bit. Not interested in having a residential account.

I’ll let you guys know how it works out. I had previously been paying $145 for the grandfathered Standard+portability plan but switched to the discounted $90 residential rate once I stopped being a homeless bum traveling in my trailer. Adding the Mini plan is still decently priced and is a much easier package to take with me on trips than dismantling the full size setup from the house.


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Availability and providing service are 2 different things.

We stopped at a place where there was 9 Starlink (probably more at surrounding campgrounds) dishes at a campground. The speed was was down to 20mbps and latency at 70+ ms.

The upgraded "Priority (data) Plans" (brings the speed up to what it was before the system was oversold) is charged on all data because there is no more Peak and Non Peak times.

If there's a too many Mobile Priority users in an area it's no longer priority.

If you're on a standard residential service and find the speed dropping you might want to look at upgrading sooner than later because Starlink is restricting the number of Priority Residential/Business users in an area.


I haven’t had any issues with speed constraints even with a number of other users in the same campground/area.

The Starlink FAQ says the mini roam plan can’t be paused but this screenshot from my app still shows the same pause service slider the normal roam plans have. I’ll be out of town when the package is dropped off unfortunately so I wont be able to mess with it until after the 4th.



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Man. If they would offer it for $200 and $35/month in North America I’d have it on order this very second.


Compact, lightweight, simple and fast. Not much to complain about. I have a USB-C 20v PD to DC barrel and a 12v cigarette plug to DC barrel adapters on the way to see if I can pull DC power direct rather than converting from 120v ac.


It does look like pausing the plan is an option, at least for now.

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Runs perfect off my Bluetti battery pulling between 18-30 watts for about a 30 hour run time using USB-C PD.
Lots of great info!

Wish it was a little cheaper, though... just don't think I care enough about having internet in the boonies...

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