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Dave in AZ

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Fitting bedding and chairs in there!

A key buying decision for canopy campers, is what fits in there when you close roof? Can you leave your bedding, or still have to take it all down and store somewhere? This is a HUGE DESIGN CRITERIA!! No reason to have to remove all your bedding.

Here is a video I made showing how all bedding, 4" mattress, as well as camper insulation, can be left in place when closing roof.

Another key factor:
What size seat can you use with roof closed, to use camper in bad weather with roof down?
Here is a video I made showing seat sizes, headroom with Tacoma, and measurements for taller or shorter folks to design bench height, seats, etc.


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This is great! Keep posting! I'm in the Denver area and need to go check out one of these. I'm in the market for some type of pop up shell camper (not a wedge style) and these are high up on the list.

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