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  • I have read your thread on your suburban and know that you are wanting to do a 6.2 swap. Well I own an '86 6.2 Blazer. Its engine is strong. It is a daily driver with about 190000 on the odometer. I've had it about six months. The original owner is a friend of mine and only quit driving it when he purchased a new Duramax a few years ago. I was going to keep it, but have decided it would be better for me to get a more fuel efficient car. I have it listed on KSL.com here in Utah for 3,000. I don't know what parts from it you'd need, but could part it out and recoup some of your cost. Please let me know if you are interested.
    Lance, Thanks for this. Puts the snobbery right where it belongs.

    Now let's drops the any brand bashing, any website/forum coolness cracks and all the other junk that will get this thread shut down.
    hey Lance, Corbin here... just an FYI, I was just opening up that RTT that i got from you and there are no awning poles in it... and do you have the side curtains still? I am getting close to finishing the trailer.

    Hope all is well this is ROMAN I met u at SEMA and we chatted a few times, anyway looking for a new vehicle and the FJC is on the list, wont be doing any river fording or rock climbing just desert trails at the worst tell me what u think is a FJC worth getting also everybody seems to talk me out of it what about mileage and visibility - hopefully plan on coming to expo in AZ regards ROMAN
    Lance - There is a link to a great story on the jeep mod i told you about at 4 peaks. go to vehicles - jeep and look "a great story in our local news paper" thanks for lettin me "pimp" the stickers! Upatree
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