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  • Good morning sir. Going to go offline in 2024- can you delete my account/threads/posts?
    Thank you!
    Christian P.
    Christian P.
    On vacation for a few more days...are you certain you want to delete your 10000 posts?
    It may be a hassle to delete the posts? Maybe just delete my account if that’s easier? Yes I am sure though. And thank you!

    Do you mean to delete in the Tundra thread or everything you ever posted on the forum?
    Deleted member 9101
    Everything I've ever posted. I am not comfortable being on a forum with a psychopath following me across multiple message boards.

    Thanks you ever so much.
    Good morning. Could you please delete my account and everything that I have posted? There is a member on here than is harassing/stalking me on this forum and one other.

    Thank you kindly,

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    Deleted member 9101
    I deleted my threads, but it would take forever to delete my other post.
    Sorry to bug you but there are several of us waiting for username changes in the official name change thread. Oh the joys of being a moderator, right? Thanks for doing the dirty work to keep the site running smoothly.
    Hello Friends, Just joined up and looking forward to new adventure's. I'm looking for a VW LT 4x4, which I have just come to be aware of. I'm going all over in the near future and would love to know more about this vehicle. If any are available and are they legal in the US for travel. Great to be part of the group and hope to see many of you soon. Stay well Christian K. -- NY
    Hey Christian, we finally made it into lv and will press on for a while. I need to fond a 8' cb whip and coax around there. Any suggestions? Also gotta find new roof top box. Tje thule was trashed on the alcan. Saw some on cl so we mat be around there a while
    Hey man, we're hitting the border today, heading to Bahia Soledad for camping tonight. Probably on to Puerto San Carlos the day after. From there it's pretty up in the air. Hit me up if you want to try and meet, I will be checking this site an my email ( whenever possible. Would be fun to link up!
    are you still looking for a place to store your rig in Colombia?
    let me know I have a small farm 40 minutes north of Bogota and you are FREE to strore it there. safe and free. I live in Colombia with my family and would love to have you visit.
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