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  • Hi Eric,

    I know that you've moved to the H3, but have a few questions about your Montero. I'm happy with my anemic 2001 Gen 3, and have been gently modding it based upon experience.

    I'd like to get as much ground clearance as possible, knowing it's only possible to gain a bit. You did the HD OME suspension, and you wrote that the truck went from luxury SUV to utilitarian vehicle. Would you choose this setup again? What are your thoughts on simply adding a spacer? Your pic showed 2.5 inches of lift upon installing the OME springs; what did that number become after they had been broken in?

    I've been building skidplates, knowing that scraping comes with the Gen 3, but simply want to balance optimal trail ability with long-term livability. If you care to discuss it, why did you sell it?

    I appreciate your contributions and thank you in advance for your insights.


    Yes, mine has the same, three studs, nothing there. I'm not sure for what, though, since the Limited has all the options, at least for the US market.
    I am hoping you can help me out. I am looking at this 2003 Montero limited to buy and in the engine bay there is a gaping hole behind the air box. There are three studs sticking out of the sheet metal but nothing living there. Very unusual for a car manufacturer. Could you take a picture or enlighten me?
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