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  • Yeah, I would even love to see more pics of your trailer!
    I wont be at ExPo, unless it is close to me? Orlando'?
    Thanks for the pics,I just bought a CL utility bed already mounted onto a 3500 lb axle.Your sink is is a fantastic idea...Happy trails
    We tore out the arm and I'm having a new longer one built. We got the length right but I am now waiting for the shorter 42" platform to arrive. The longer platform isnt compatible even for testing as I have not raised roof. I wanted shorter one even before we discovered it hit the door frame. So I'm told we'll have it early next week (Oct 11).

    We decided to go with the new Vangator as it has a few advantages for other aspects of the install. I'm confident it's going to work, but until I really use it and now how it's going to behave I dont want to say much.

    Early on, I spoke with the engineer at QuadVans who has installed Vangators on 4x4 vans at 34" in past. He buys the old models and claims the modified arm works really good. He buys'em from guy below. He quoted me $3,100 for a new old-style Vangator. Not too bad 'cept shipping was another $1000!

    Paul Parish Limited
    6400 W. Okanogan Ave.
    Kennewick, WA 99336
    (509) 735-9820
    Hey Loren! Wow how's it going with the Vangator? How are you modifying it? I also have a Vangator and have some ideas of how to get extra travel out of it. I'd like to see how you do it!
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