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  • hello read your build on your G wagon and you mention a Power Pak; any thoughts have you used it and whats your opinion? I was a bit hesitant due to it small inverter which is installed. thanks
    Sorry I missed that reply, still kind of figuring out the forum platform... I'm leaning towards King and MB white or red (depending on the weight of drawer systems and tanks; I might be able to get away with ORC as I hear they're extremely similar to MB Red, but we'll see), full de-bling, 285/75/16 on Hutch's, running board delete, ORC front and fuel tank guards, dual winch, 3 isolated battery setup, and an AirTop on a FR rack. The real fun stuff will be the interior though, I'm planning on a controlled solar trickle to power fridge/freezer and dual iPads (nav and onboard systems), along with a really unique drawer and case system. I could talk all day about it but I guess I'll just have to start haha. I'm really shooting for October 1 to start the project. How many miles did you have on your G when you picked it up? This won't be a daily driver so I'm not too concerned with the mileage, but I'd definitely like her to be reliable.
    Hey man, huge fan of your G.... Starting my G build in a month or so and yours is definitely an inspiration!
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