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  • Hi Pete,
    What are the details of the situation?

    I would recommend trying PM, email and phone.
    Then ask if anyone has had any contact with "name" but do it without implicating or accusing, just say you are trying to reach them.

    We have very little control over the buying and selling actions of members but in the long run we can ban repeat offenders.

    I'm guessing at the 7K but stock it's 6018 and when you add the rack,axles, tires, locking diffs, etc etc it has to be close to that. I've seen one power steering on a series and I know a guy that is adding it along with a 3.5 V8 ,auto tranny (not sure why) and A/C. He is doing this on a SIII 109 and basically turining it into a Stage I (model just before they became the Defender). He has to modify his frame to fit the pump which he got from an early Range Rover-I think the engine and drivetrain is also from the RRC. i hope you make the outing as well. I'll update you on the info when I hear it.
    Hey Pete,
    Good to hear. I'm glad you added belts, that was something I always planned to do. What did you do to tighten the steering? I'll keep an eye out for the axles but you can also check with George of Rovers Down South, he's a good source for Series parts and won't kill you on price. From what I could tell the axle's in the IIa are from a SIII but they are still 10 spline. How is the double clutching lesson going? Tell your 17 year old to drive it like a tractor in that I mean take it slow in the shifts. A good 2 count is great for the 1-2 shift plus the double clutch. I
    The Disco is great, I just replaced the coolant header tank due to a leak,thottle position sensor and the door seals-just because they where old. It drives really well and the mods are very balanced but you can't get past 7k lbs, lift, heavy wheels and tires with a 180hp engine and all wheel drive,mileage is about 13 at best. Looking forward to the fall Uwharrie run which is Oct 21-22-hope you can make it!
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