2020 winter ALCAN 5000 - starts 25 Feb to 7 March 2020


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Very nice looking!
Do not believe anyone ran with chains in the last winter run.
Have you posted this on the rally FB Page?

I was being sarcastic I guess, but I have considered trying to get on the wait list. Jeep is as ready as it could ever be, and I missed out on the opportunity to drive "Alaska or Rust" a couple of seasons ago. Tried to interest Expo or Overland Journal in an article about it but they didn't bite. So I ended up dropping the trip.

I would like to start building/selling Willys jeeps and I figure making a fun rally might make for some good fun and word of mouth for my cause.

We'll see!
So, this is rapidly approaching and its definitely time to start getting my ducks in a row.

Tires should be covered (thanks Nitto!!!), putting an oil pan heater pad on, may go ahead and put a fresh quality battery in before leaving. Usual maintenance items, oil change using 5w-30. Make sure the washer fluid is ultra-cold rated (been caught by that one before...). See where I can improve on insulation, driving a 2dr JK (hardtop), not known for their excessive warmth. Other things to think about?

Clothing wise, unsure. Possibility of some pretty frigid temps so the first impulse is to gear up on antarctic expedition stuff (because who doesn't like cool, extreme stuff). But realistically, we will be sitting in a vehicle for many hours each day. A lot of bulky clothing will just a be a hindrance. Multiple layers is the answer, but how far do you go. Merlino wool (or synthetic blend, i.e Smartwool) base layer for sure, then various midlayers, maybe multiple. The key is being able to shed/add them easily. An outer parka is easy enough (relatively) to take off/on inside the vehicle, but lowers not so much. Granted, the intent is not to be spending a lot of time outside the vehicle, but you have to be prepared. For lowers - Base Layer>mid-insulated pants/bib>only if really needed outer layer that's rarely used?

We are to be prepared to spend the night in the vehicle, because, well ******** happens. Have the sleeping bags covered, will have a small white gas stove (propane/butane is a no go out the potential temps). Extra 5gal of fuel (maybe 10). Probably bring a small tent, not necessarily as a shelter, but as a small area that can be somewhat protected from the elements to deal with things that could come up. And of course the myriad of cameras, GoPros, chargers and associated paraphernalia. Crap, why didn't my wife get a 4dr :)

Trying to not overthink this, but I got nothing else to do right now so into the world of cranial intercourse I go. I mean people live and work in this environment, we're just passing through.


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You will want to all natural fabric - no synthetics. Wool is especially good as it will keep you warm even when wet. Another reason to not wear synthetics is in case of a fire. Layers are the best way.
We used all wool Filson bib overalls and jackets. Glad we had these when changing a tire on ice. For a top layer recommend a Feathered Friends arctic jacket.
One mistake we made was to get our car washed mid-rally. They take your car into an enclosed heated building to wash it. Looks great when it comes out. As we did not have a heated garage to dry those hidden and under carriage places they froze.
Do not forget to bring an extension cord for block heater that is made for cold temps. If not it will freeze and crack.
ATT cell service was a pain - a big pain. Even though we had an international plan, friends & family for USA & CA we were cut off at both country and province border crossings.
Haven't received them yet, weren't scheduled to ship till after New Years so maybe later this week or next. Have to have them studded. Got some brand new take off wheels to have them installed on so will end up with a nice winter setup. Will be interesting to see how they would do in the deeper stuff around here.

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What am awesome experience. Can't wait to do it again. Dempster and Dalton within 3 days. Ice roads, Tuk, ice slalom racing, incredible scenery, great people. Sub-Zero temps for over a week. So much to process.

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An item that I would never have thought about, but wish everyone had was dust lights. The snow was so light and wispy that huge clouds obscured your vision on the highways, mainly as trucks passed or if you ran up on one, bunching cars up.

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