Air Down Gear Up SS1: Drawer System for Land Rover Defender 110

Air Down Gear Up

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Air Down Gear Up has been selling storage, sleeper, drawer and cooking systems since 2017. We launched the business serving the Toyota community, but have been expanding into other vehicles throughout the years. We are excited to have recently completed a system for the Land Rover Defender 110!

As an overview of the SS1; it is a modular system that can be configured as simple drawers or setup as a dedicated kitchen. The system is manufactured in the USA, in our Colorado facility utilizing high precision machining, 3D printing and more. Our system is built on an all aluminum frame which is bolted directly to the vehicle with our machine, solid aluminum anchor bars. This means our system does not trap moisture with a typical 'floor plate', which can cause mold/mildew. With no wood screws to loosen over time, this system will provide high performance over the lifetime of the vehicle.

For this particular build we worked with Nomad Vehicle Outfitters in Denver. We utilized our system to hard mount the core house electrical systems. We very much enjoyed working on this Defender, and hope to do many more in the future.

What other details would you be interested in knowing about Air Down Gear Up? Any suggestions for what Defender customers might be interested in seeing incorporated into their systems?




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