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Hello Guys and Gals,

I figured I would start a thread here in honor of the previous owner of my truck (Sinhue Xavier). I've built motorcycles in a past life, was a collection manager for a large Brough Superior collection and Pre/Post War Indian collection. I started KEDO Parts USA but just moving parts was not too much fun. Thankfully I kept my day job and now with a family I am building house projects and making my RR fit my lifestyle. So far is a lot of fishing and small game hunting with my son, and some camping. I'll keep the build open and with no end goals but I am building a roof rack for it. The roof rack needs to be able to hold a 4'x8' sheet of plywood, camping gear and a canoe *not all at the same time*.

So far the truck has been great, I'll go over some of my repairs as well. As of now, it needs a new radiator, front suspension, interior fan, front brakes.



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Chad Goings

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I got all the metal and tubing notcher in this week. Would there be any features other than the ones I listed that anyone would recommend?


Might consider adding some Latch points to secure the boy’s car seat to the roof. He seems to like it up there!

I’ve added an attic and extra pouches on the doors of my L319. Kids require gadgets for entertaining, and this generation of Rovers is woefully under-equipped when it comes to door/pocket storage.

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