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Looks like TEXMEX Overland is going to be stuck in TX for the end of the world. I'll watch for the explosion from across the Gulf. My kid's school calendar came out and his last day before Christmas break is the 21st. I'm a single parent and there is no way I can take him out 2 weeks beforehand. One week, maybe, but not two. I'm out. :(


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But it would be a good cultural learning trip for him. Surely the school could agree.
That's the excuse I used last year when we went to Mt. Rushmore for Labor Day. It cost him 3 days of school. Then his mother had him for an extra 3 days after Christmas break for a total of 6 missed days. He did not receive credit for his classes on the final report card due to excessive absences and we have to appeal when school starts back up. I suppose when we appeal, I could ask them about the ramifications if I take him out for a week this year.

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Team Ralph will be bar-hopping their way down the coast of Mexico eating fish tacos until they stumble upon Guanajuato, all are welcome to join.

12V blenders and ample tequila are required.


I will tag along so we can share spares to make sure one of the old Rovers makes the END!!


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Our plan is to drive out of Laredo on Dec 10th if we end up going...So pm me for contact info.

FYI fastest way to get to Guanajuato is after crossing the San Luis Potosi Toll Booth is to head towards Queretaro and take Villa de Reyes route to San Felipe - Silao or if you want a bad *** off road trail run cut thru Ortega to Santa Rosa then down thru Valenciana, that is what we raced in WRC (do it only be day), you can have breakfast at la cabana de lolita before hitting the old road from Dolores Hidalgo to GTO.


I plan on crossing in the same place on the 10th, what time are you going to try to cross? Maybe we could meet up & cross together and stay together.


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I plan on crossing in the same place on the 10th, what time are you going to try to cross? Maybe we could meet up & cross together and stay together.

Got your PM. See you here on the Dec 10th.



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Talked to Enrique, and left a voicemail on Ross's phone. our plan still remains to depart Laredo before noon

to arrive in GTO around 10pm.


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The Panam13 2012 Maya Rally Team#16 currently plans to convoy from Laredo to Guanajuato on Monday, December 10 with minority racer, technichen, Enrique Vega and anyone else in their company.

The group apparently intends a late morning Laredo departure, very long day's drive, and an after dark Guanajuato arrival. Panam13 would prefer a first light departure, two day drive, and daylight Guanajuato arrival.

Is anyone else up for a convoy departing Laredo at first light on Sunday, December 9, overnighting at Las Palmas Motel in Matehuala, and continuing to Guanajuato on Monday, December 10?

If so, email me at, or call my cell 239-450-0977. The Panam13 Team leaves Naples, Florida Wednesday, December 5, for Laredo (the long way).


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We can leave on saturday or sunday, but rather wait for the green light on Monday:) dont worry we will guide to gto even under thick fog and get some cabrito in matehuala at el hotel las palmas, get ready for the Bongo!
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We can leave early on Monday morning to arrive before the sun goes down in GTO. We still need to get our vehicle permits, plan is to get it on Friday or Saturday, we can just walk across the bridge, no need to take the vehicles. Or if you want to get a head start, I can guide you to the vehicle permit office and tell you where to go from there. I can just walk back and catch up with your team on Monday in Matehuala.

Good info here

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Wheeling fun and Bongo BBQ in Laredo, Texas

Stephen, Ross, and Enrique

Just wanted to let you know that we plan on taking you guys offroading at our local offroad trails, these are very unique probably the only one of its kind in the whole world with a tricky caliche terrain where you have to dodge pointy carrizo shrubs that will tear up most tires, and mezquite trees that will bash your rig...

So maybe we can head over the the Mexican office in Nuevo Laredo on Saturday early and get the vehicle permits and then BBQ and wheel on Sunday.

Here is what you will experience:

Bongo! Bongo! Bongo!

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YoungRovers left Fort Lauderdale Thursday mid day and should be pulling into Loredo around 8-9 tonight (Sat). Thinking a Sunday crossing allows for a more pleasurable cruise into Guanajuato

We can be reached at 954-778-0346

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