Four Wheel Camper - A Review


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Thanks Brad. Time to turn the page.

This wonderful little unit saddled up to a new owner yesterday and rode off into the sunset, headed for Texas to create new experiences & memories. A little bittersweet of course, but it deserves to be out roaming and exploring new trails & places. Felt like I was setting it free..


This also marks the first time in over a decade that the camper has been off my truck. I originally thought to sell the camper first, then sell the truck. But stripped down it's caught my eye again. It's been parked for quite awhile so it needs some major TLC. I've got some choices to make this Fall.. rebuild or replace. But that's a subject for another thread, another time.


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I've had my Grandby shell for a bit now and am not super impressed with it. I give them a "meh" rating. Maybe it's because I have the shell model but frankly I'd much rather have my truck-bed back and just get a GFC or an AT Atlas - something simple that pops up with a bed. The FWC, as a shell, is overkill for what it amounts to.... A box with a pop up and a bed.
I flipped through this thread over the last several days. Really makes me miss my T100 even though the 3.0L was a dog.

Great photos and great writing KC.


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How are you planning to deal with flex between the bed and cab?
Three options to deal with the flex.

1) I designed the shell to be cut between the front two ribs and install a rubber accordion trim. This is what most expedition trucks use.

2) I could stiffen the frame and do not cut the shell. The is only 3/8" flex when my Gladiator is maxed out. Jeeps have a pretty rigid frame, unlike other trucks, which are designed to flex.

3) I'm going to try a secret before I use the above options. I'll have to test it first and if it doesn't work go to option #1.

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